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  1. Every time I see a picture of Dart, he reminds me a bit of Dogan. I'd imagine him being very dim-witted and not making nearly as many witty references and the like as Raz.
  2. Gamers don't buy Macs. Starving artists buy Macs. And no one likes them.
  3. 9 out of 10 noobs enjoy making quote pyramids. This reflects their inner desire to become slaves and build real pyramids.
  4. When I first saw it, for a brief but light-filled moment I mistook Coach Oleander's head for a dim "2". I was so sad when it was not.
  5. Eh? What sorts of games are those?! Everyone knows that (aside from Brutal Legend, as of late) the only reason to own a 360 is to play UNO ONLINE. ....and gears of war Fixed. The other two will be or already on PC.
  6. I am going to design an Xbox 360 emulator using my heretofore unforeseen ability to program complex emulators for 'next-gen' (I.E. ...THIS gen, I mean c'mon now, next-gen is now 4-5 years away. ) consoles. This power was bestowed upon me by the power of metal and the combined willpower of all Tim Shchafer loving goons who will not be buying a new console for his new game, much though they may desire it. This emulator will run twice as fast as the actual 360 itself and will only play legitimate copies of Brütal Legend. Why? Because stealing from Tim Schafer makes Sire Wayne Brady 'wannachokeabitch' as they say. Stealing from Microsoft/Sony is okay though, because they're classified as the devil.
  7. Possibly but I seriously doubt it. Based on what? You got a crystal ball?
  8. Xbob42


    You don't play GTA using a fluorescent pink Nerf gun, though. That is the problem.
  9. Xbob42


    Half-Life 2 is a fun game too, but I wouldn't play it if I had to control it with an orally-designed dildo! That's basically what a rainbow colored guitar is like.
  10. Xbob42


    Guitar Hero? I refuse to touch a plastic 'guitar' with RAINBOW COLORED BUTTONS(!!) for any reason short of beating the crap out of midgets with it.
  11. Don't like metal? Well, here's a step-by-step guide on what to do to make your experience with Brütal Legend: 1. Go to your local game store. 2. Buy as many copies of "Brütal Legend" as you can afford. 3. Take your copy of "Brütal Legend" home and pop it in whatever game system you purchased it for. (f you do not have the required system, caress the disc slowly and with love. Skip to step 5.) 4. Power on your system. 5. Let someone who understands the POWER OF METAL play. 6. Kill yourself.
  12. They should have every metal song ever made, and let you make your own killlist. (Playlists are for children.)
  13. I see you cheated when it came time to take the "wit" test to register for the forums...
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