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  2. At 9:47 my heart skipped a heartbeat: Tim has a Ryan Davis button on his desk. That really made my day. I loved that dude. :'(
  3. Just finished Act 1 today. Good game, awesome ending of the chapter. Best points of the game are the art and the music. Just gorgeous, I could listen to these violins all day. Back in the crowdfunding days, a part of me was wishing for a pixelated old school goofy adventure game, in the sorts of DOTT, Monkey Islands, etc. I've been following the (OUTSTANDING) documentary since the first chapter and I already knew that this wasn't what we were getting and, although with a bunch of funny moments, I recognize this game as something more "cute" than "funny". There are puzzles that remind me of DOTT, but the overall feeling takes more from Psychonauts and Grim Fandango - which are to say an evolution of Schaffer's work. Overall, I loved it. There's something in this game that does not come from screenshots. When playing it, you can tell there's a lot of dedication, a lot of heart put in it. There's a hundred of small details, and not a single scene that feels lazy. This is a work born from passion. Great job guys, can't wait for Act 2. And for the next adventure game.
  4. Very nice Sidequest. You people at Double Fine are so passionate about your job, all games from this company can only come from pure love for the genre. Never change!
  5. So imagine you have a very strong bloodline with a couple of very strong heroes, let's say, the Swisshelms. And Jane Swisshelm and Jake Swisshelm would make a very promising little Swisshelm, but they happen to be direct cousins. As everyone knows, endogamy was and still is very common in noble and royal families, but it can have some genetic consequences. It's not as direct as some say it is (the son of two siblings does not necessarily come out mentally disabled per se) but crossing uncommon genes makes some genetic diseases or traits more common. An easy example is the Spanish royal family, the Borbón, where hemophilia runs in their veins. So, what if we enable Endogamy in Massive Chalice, between cousins (or even between siblings, Targaryen style!), at the expense of raising the risk of sprouting some genetic perk? I've thought of some real life examples (skipping the nasty ones like cancers and so): - Color blindness: Although it should only affect male sons, the chance of friendly fire or confusion gets raised, since the hero would not differentiate the color of the banners in battle. - Hemophilia: The hero takes longer to heal, or medk... I mean health potions do less effect on them. - Albinism: The hero may only fight under full covered armor. - Low vision: Reduced aim. - Sterility: This is the end of the line! Thoughts?
  6. I don't know much about LOOM... Who should I ask about it?
  7. Can we know how much of the Brütal Legend money went to Reds? I have to confess, I would have waited for the next sale if I didn't find out some of the money was going to DFA.
  8. - The solar plates of a space satellite. - The insides of a smart phone. - The back of a flying pig!! - The brainstorming room of DF Headquarters. - An ukranian grocery store. - Afghanistan 2011. - An igloo city, with thousands of citizens. - Barcelona. - Middle School. - A CD records store. - An internet forum flame war.
  9. Woah. This one was better than the first one. And yeah, the approach I'm taking to this project is more of a "expect nothing in specific, just something awesome". And I feel I'm not the only one here. If it's a weird love story? that's great. If it's the tale of two brothers, that's awesome too. And if it ends up having nothing to do with what Tim talked about in this episode, that's still wonderful!
  10. With all honesty, I was expecting more pixels. But I don't care! I trust Double Fine with all my heart, and I'm sure the Adventure Game is going to be fantastic. Can't wait!
  11. Her voice made me eager to press the right trigger. I guess it's still very early to take these decisions, but we all would love such a great voice actress in this game.
  12. Woah that was fast! Was that done in a single day?! Good job man, it looks promising! Something inside of me wants to scream "NEEDS MOAR PIXELS!!", but again, I guess that's the artists duty and not yours. I am no programmer and that engine looks simply amazing to me. I expect some Redbot spin-off in the future!
  13. Totally agree. There are a lot of bakers that can't understand english easily. We need some subtitles, at least english subtitles if you don't want translate it. So, It would be easier understand what are you saying for non-native english speakers. 2PP Guy said they're looking for the best way to implement the subtitles, and that the first episode will probably get reposted with subs. So we foreigners don't have to worry about that.
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