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  1. My favorite out of context quote: "I'm going to eat your apple." -Brandon Dillon
  2. Yeah, I'd have to agree and say Autonomous. I was kind of skeptical at first, but then I saw the team that formed around it and couple days later saw some of the gameplay and I decided that I really wanted to play it. Also at one point the visual style reminded me of the arcade game Battlezone. I don't know if that is still in the game in some form or another or if that was just sort of a place holder, but I found it aesthetically pleasing.
  3. So I noticed in the day six video that the caption says Christ Remo which is pretty awesome. Also watching the video made me realize that Chris reminds me of Raz and it might be because of his build. I wanted to know how I can get a hold of some of those Brutal Legend shirts. The one shirt looks similar to a Toxic Holocaust shirt. Anyways, enjoying all the coverage of Amnesia Fortnight and hope some of it helps me when working in small teams for game development.
  4. I hope this is true... Well, they did start working on it... ...before EA cancelled it. Well then I shall march to the EA offices while blasting "Run To The Hills". They shall learn the might of Tim's disciples.
  5. How about a hybrid of the two? So instead of having to click the mouse for the movement of the character, just have the character base his movement on where the cursor is; in other words, have the character move towards the location of the cursor. If this were the case and you wanted to click an object to interact with it the character is either heading towards the object or he is already there.
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