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  1. I'd prefer something like a hint system with different levels of help to altering the actual puzzles.
  2. Curse of Monkey Island is my favourite of the franchise, so no not really.
  3. Maybe if it's to test out the engine or some of the core mechanics of the game. Don't really want any of the actually game sequences in it.
  4. Very important for setting the atmosphere of a game. Love the music in Full Throttle because it really makes you absorbed into the Mad Max desert-y world, which makes you even more interested in the story, characters and puzzles in the game.
  5. Something along the lines of being let in on the progress the team is making, say perhaps them having finished creating a new engine, but not being let in on the puzzles, story or character design. As long as there are no spoilers to ruin the game experience, I'm down for it. Seems like a decision only Double Fine can really make.
  6. I'm fine with information coming out of the forums, don't feel super entitled to it nor do I think I'd be upset or jealous if it leaked elsewhere. The more information gets out, the more hype for the game may be produced for those who haven't bought it already. The better this game sells, the more funds Double Fine has to work with for their other projects. It's bound to happen anyway and controlling it seems like a waste of effort.
  7. I don't like the whole "the longer the game the better" mentality. Reminds me of the whole Quantity vs Quality issue. An experience can be just as good if the game is designed to work well with a shorter play length, being a more concentrated experience, rather than stretching it out and ruining the pacing of the game for the sole purpose or making it last longer. Often games drag on because the developers try to create more incentive to buy the game by making it longer. Don't get me wrong, I love some really long RPGs and have put hundreds of hours into various games, but I doubt this would be good for a point and click adventure.
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