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  1. After the new version I no longer need the sleep trick to play BA. It seems the issue with VirtuaBox has been overcome. Good work Double Fine. Great game, I'm on my second play through and still loving it.
  2. That was fine in the days of the 48k computer since you really had to save memory, at this time I would call it a bug
  3. I do have Oracle's Virtual Box installed (developer machine so it's usefull to have it), I'll try uninstalling Virtual Box tomorrow to see if that avoid me having to do the sleep trick.
  4. Check http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12143 It solved my problem.
  5. When Gramps is talking to Vella he his facing right and has an eyepatch on the left eye, when he turns his head around, the eye patch goes to the right eye.
  6. I've just tested the put the computer to sleep, wake it up and play the game. It works, I work in the computer industry, I've been a professional programmer for 21 years now and it's the first time I ever saw something like this... It's working!!!! It's weird as hell. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Yes, the puzzles were a bit easy, for me and for a few others, but people who didn't know Tim's previous works might have find them hard. My wife found them difficult enough (she had never played the genre before). As for the story, personally I liked the boy's story more, it has loads of meaning in it, you have the over protective mother, the absent father (moon always away), you have the wolf representing the rebel friend that takes you away from the nest, etc. And if you pay close attention you will notice that the wolf is also a test in itself, it's the boys emancipation, it is trying to make him think about consequence, risk (you can't save them all, you have to choose, choice is hard, you have to live with it). But the wolf is in the know, he knows you are not saving cute little creatures, he his testing you all the time. That's why I liked Shay part more than Vella's one. I find the game beautiful, I find the story great and I can't believe I have to wait months to get part 2. And yes, I would like it to be a bit more difficult, but I can understand why it's not. As for the interpretation that each of us gives to each character and story, it has to do with past experiences, age, gender, life style, etc. Try reading the book "little Prince" when you are 6, then at 12, then 18 and then 40 (my current age), each read will yield different results, because we as humans evolve, learn and understand things differently.
  8. I'll try this solution once I get home, seems so convuluted it might actually work By the way, after sleep mode is steam running off or online ?
  9. Hi. My log is the same as yours, sent it along with Dix diags, etc. I remembered something in the meantime, do you have Adobe Flash Player installed? I don't and I was wondering if it's required by any of chance.
  10. I'm at work now so I cannot test this right now, but try this (taken from another thread) : 1) Install the game on the default Steam Path (C:) I have it on D:... 2) Run the game with logs turned on so DF can try to figure out what's happening. To set logs on, go to steam, right click Broken Age, select properties, set launch options to "-log", after running the game there should be a log file next to the game executable, send that along to the support mail. I'll try this when I get home in 9 grueling hours
  11. I have the exact same problem on my Win 7 x64 with a NVidia GT 525M I've tried the same things you did to no avail. I've sent an email to support@doublefine.com with complete system info (taken in Steam), I advise you to do the same. I'm thinking its a conflict with the software I've got installed since I use my machine to do programming work, that because I assume there are more people With 64 bit systems around that have no problems
  12. Worked perfectly for me. Firefox 13 on Windows 7 64 bit. Hd, SD, full screen and normal. Skipped ahead severall times and playback resumed fast without a glitch.
  13. A bit of topic, but can someone tell me why I cant watch the videos under Firefox? (11 to 13) If I use IE they work fine, also work fine on Vimeo website with apparently the same player.
  14. My first adventure game was "manic mansion" and it was hard as hell.
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