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  1. I pledged $100 and wanted to see the doc most of all. I say go for it. I'm not sure if it'll actually change much in a way DFA is perceived from the outside, but it would be great for a whole bunch of people who couldn't pledge to this for a variety of reasons to get to see it after all.
  2. Woo-hoo! Go immigrants from the USSR! YEAH!!! (Alright, I'm just a little excited.) Dzerzhinsk is not that far from where I grew up (Gorky). It is indeed an industrial hellhole.
  3. I always knew Scott Campbell was a cool dude since I've seen his SModcast piece, but after watching this episode I now know that he's THE MAN! Awesome stuff guys!
  4. Anatoly

    What if it Sucks?

    I don't care if it sucks. I'm in for the ride. I'm excited enough just to be involved in financing a bit.
  5. Wasteland 2 and waiting for the Tex Murphy one to launch.
  6. Gobliins 2 and Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA. After those two pretty much every Sierra game I could get my hands on.
  7. That came out already?!?!? But honestly, although some of the adventure games in the last decade were fun to play, I haven't really liked any of them. I doubt I'll be revisiting any of them in the future.
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