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  1. Pet Sematary is my favourite King book. It may not be the best written or best horror, but it just resonated with me since I first read it. It's the prefect length for me. Not too drawn out, not too short. It's paced right were it should be.
  2. Bob Dole in the Matt Groening universe is much more amusing than Bob Dole in politics.
  3. They should've checked him harder. Both the forechecking forward and the one standing up at the line decided to chase the puck instead of take the body and it cost them. Real nice goal though.
  4. Obviously besides completely one sided matches, I went about it looking for what is essentially a "will" stat. Teams that can motivate themselves. Comparing team to team, which teams run up scores or have the most close loses(again skill is a part of that, but finding teams that don't just give up when losing badly). I looked mostly at points for and against and compared ratios. It's not perfect. Going by this idea, Wichita was the second best team in the league and even I had them going out in the final four. Another idea I ran with, is that "defense wins championships" and that weighed heavy on my decisions too. I wish I had a better idea of the skill disparity between the divisions so I could adjust accordingly instead of "winging it". As you said though, there's no winning formula. Everything goes out the window when the game starts. A player could have the game of his life... or get injured.
  5. Crazy. Twice now(first bracket. I think Epic won the 2nd chance last year). I also beat the analytics bracket which will finish 40pts behind me, regardless. Either it's dumb luck, or I'm better at analyzing numbers than some people whom do it for a living. I'd vote dumb luck, otherwise I'll feel like I'm wasting my life in my current occupation. That, and I had no idea which teams had stars or top draft rankings... and I probably would've done better at the women's if I realised the 4th year thing with the lack of draft...etc. Live and learn. This was a bad year for all of us in the men's bracket. Not really proud of winning this one(outside of predicting a couple upsets). It wasn't a good year for the DFAF men's brackets.
  6. What a crazy NCAA tournament so far. I've been on vacation this week and the only NCAA games I've been able to watch all season, have been this week. Florida has had the best two games I've seen this week. Some classic NCAA moments there. I really didn't think Oregon was going to finally show up against Kansas, yet they did. I hope all the high-end play continues for the final four.
  7. Okay. I'll say my piece about that certain former Bioware employee as well. I've read what he said. My immediate reaction was "well, we had this coming". Not that it's acceptable for a species moving forward, but we more than deserve our shots. It was more of a case of, "he didn't take the higher ground", in a situation someone needs to... and for all intents and purposes, Caucasians should be the race that needs to lead that at this point. That's all I'm going to say.
  8. There's more behind the scenes issues. What we do know, is that writers and leads left or were let go(I don't really buy that everyone whom left actually left on their own) between 3 and Andromeda. The lead writer of 2 and 3 was promoted above writing and a lot of new people were hired to lead a team whom has never made a full Bioware game before. They were given creative control as this is/was supposed to be the new "Mass Effect team". It sounds like this was mostly a mishandling on Bioware's part as EA generally hasn't interfered with Bioware as much as people would love to blame them for it. This new IP better be amazing. Outside the few whom left and the few that were sent to Montreal to helm the new team, the previous Mass Effect team and Edmonton studio are working on the coming new IP.
  9. Yeah, the writing is pretty bad mostly. There are a few conversations that had decent writing and they stood out. So at least somebody there can write. It obviously wasn't the person with final say or lead. It's not just uninspired, as the story feels. There are moments where you're questioning whether they meant to use a different word in dialogue. The dialogue mostly feels like they were trying to make a Marvel movie. Doesn't really fit the desperation tone they should have went with. Cora's baked in smile doesn't help either. It's hard to take something seriously when it looks like a character is smiling behind you the whole time. That said... I'm still enjoying it. I've played 20hrs so far. It just could have been so much better.
  10. It's all(pretty much) going to come down to the Kansas/Oregon game tomorrow. If Kansas wins, only a Gonzaga championship could stop Ke$ha... and that isn't looking too likely right now. If my math is right. Edit: Actually, no, there's one more scenario I missed. Kansas going out in the final four, then Gonzagas would just have to make the final. I wouldn't bet against Kansas right now though. They're looking really good.
  11. Coolsome... That was great. Really made me smile. Golden oldie coolsome simpsons post. Missed them.
  12. Good call Ke$ha. I'll admit it. I thought it was over when Arizona was up by 6. This is going to be interesting.
  13. Don't be dark. My obscure quote of the day.
  14. He's a real hot-cold pitcher. I'll be the first to admit it, but considering my team didn't even make it into the draw, it's all I've got!