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  1. I think that song is about 90 seconds too long. It's not that I dislike it. It just feels like it should have ended.
  2. I guess I should stop going to work then.
  3. It looks like it started at the end of 2008. In December, they were finishing up Strong Bad and by October, they had Wallace & Gromit, Monkey Island, and CSI released. Crazy, with the staff they had back then.
  4. I like that last shot by Telltale. That was good.
  5. When your vacation has come down to agitating the waters of a nearby forum for the sake of doing so, you know it's time to go back to work. (I was nice. I really thought the other dead talk would get more feedback than the SS. I did worse on different forum) ...and everything was well received anyway... on both forums *shrugs* huh.
  6. Why do I get a sense of "Insert Sci-Fi story into BGE universe" vibes from this? I don't know either. Even when it was announced it felt like it's too late. As if they were resurrecting the (now)franchise, for the sake of doing so. Not that I want to blame anyone. I'm sure some of the people working on this were massive fans, but... It feels.... Off. Like, I'm not really excited...and more curious.
  7. Facebook, your ad algorithms are racist. Just because I've been searching and posting a lot of Japanese stuff, doesn't mean I'm interested in Taekwondo. First of all... What? Second of all, that's not even a Japanese martial art! It's even worse.
  8. *Starts digging another grave* sigh.
  9. No matter how tall your villain is, your doorways have to be taller. Nothing is less menacing then a ducking killer. Seriously, that's a massive closet door.
  10. Music

    Devo! I love you!
  11. Yeah. I'm in a pretty somber mood about that. Even, though it came down to just podcasts, it was nice that he was still trying to make content right til the end(well up to 3 months anyway).
  12. Sorry, I missed your birthday, good sir. Glad you had a good time.
  13. Maybe if more of us chime in? I like rice!
  14. "I'm not normal. I know it. I don't care" Sometimes, you just have to quote Ace of Base.