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  1. That's what he does... In an AM radio style, which would be fine if he was talented in that way. Unfortunately, the fellow has the mindset that just because he enjoys something, he deserves to be successful at it. I do mean "deserves". He has ranted off on friends for not supporting his endeavors. By support, he means financially. Friends should give him money and support his random crowdfunding campaigns with no promises of anything. Now it sounds like I'm ranting.
  2. It's funny and sad when an acquaintance posts an idea you know is dead before it hits the ground. "I have an idea for a new radio show!" ...And they don't mean music. They're talking about the shit our parents(and grandparents) grew up listening to on AM radio.
  3. Oh shit. Well, someone did %#$@&! up. As well as me, whom read it about 5 times. Well, I sure wish I had some video game news to cover up my stupidity. How 'bout that new indie game by some company that didn't exist a year ago? Doesn't it look retro and neat?
  4. Yes, the final episode of the new season is coming out in 5 days.
  5. I don't see what's wrong? That's when the final episode is coming out I think.
  6. Next up, your bedroom door while you're sleeping.
  7. It's been a while since I've felt so mixed about film news as I am about the Resident Evil reboot. I mean, I wanted this. I just don't have faith that the new series won't be a train wreck of all new bad decisions. Apparently there's a whole new plan in place that the director(s) will stick to. They have to know that the game fans hated the last series. They have to see that the recent horror game did much better than the last two action games. Right? Right? I don't even buy that. I didn't even hate the first movie as much. I just figured: hey, zombies in a house is overdone(even back then!) and there's a lot of logistic issues with making a backtracking heavy game work in film. Okay, so they did their own thing to start. I wasn't happy with that, but I wasn't mad. Then the second movie was just shit. I have no confidence here.
  8. I'm posting just so not to ignore it. I'm a terrible person to ask career advice from. Graduated High School with all three sciences and a whole bunch of optional courses ranging from Web Design to Nutrition. I couldn't decided what I wanted and was told I had to either pick something to go into or get a job. So I applied at the three closest fast food places since it sounded easy and I like food. I got some management experience and quit after 5 years. I then applied at the two closest grocery stores since I figured I had the skills to do that(management xp, customer service xp, writing product orders, working product orders). Here I am a 33 year old Grocery Manager. I guess it's my career now. It just sort of happened. It doesn't really interest me, but I wouldn't advise you to give up on your dreams. I'm an adult who plays video games, drinks and bbqs on his days off... man, I guess I am living my dream. My dreams seemed better financed though. Edit: Oh. I did take 6 months of community college right after High School. I just took some basic courses that were covered under our educational system. University transitional things. I did finish those courses, then I went into the workforce.
  9. To be fair, they only had 3 hit songs. It's kind of like asking someone whom isn't a fan, to name some Smashing Pumpkins songs. Sure there were a few hits, but nothing that really transcended the genre.
  10. Yeah. He hung himself. The guy had everything. He must have had some serious problems. I'm not going to all of a sudden pretend like I was a huge fan. Soundgarden was okay and I didn't really give Audioslave much of a chance after disliking the first single. I always liked Pearl Jam more. It's sad that he's gone and even sadder how it happened. Shocking.
  11. On July 4th, when Americans are all celebrating, I can't help but feel like they're just late. Our national day is 3 days prior.
  12. The pronouncing of "aboot" is strictly from the east coast dialect(what we refer to as "Newfie"). We do, however, generally pronounce it more like "a boat" if you say that really fast. Canadians tend not to pronounce mixed vowel sounds in words. Saying "ab-out" feels like over-pronouncing it and slows down the flow of speech(finishing the "B" with an "A" sound and going into the "T" with an "OO" sound). Maybe we're weird.
  13. American friends, do you pronounce the "L" in "salmon"? I have never heard someone do that before here and I had just heard someone do it from there. Is that a thing or were they being weird?