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  1. "PC Game of the Year – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds" Yeah... That about says it all.
  2. Yeah, I drive. I have all seasons. I might start investing in winter ones. I currently have to manually put my car into second gear at intersections just to avoid spinning out.
  3. No, but it's winter, in Canada and I take the freeway daily. So... Fingers crossed on that one.
  4. Still think Samus Returns is mine. I liked it more than Zelda anyway, and I haven't played the others. (oh, and I hurt myself exercising. Too much at once. Pushed myself til I couldn't. Forgot I'm not 20 anymore.)
  5. I hurt my abdominal muscles and now it hurts to do... pretty much anything.
  6. It's weird how things are changing from when I was younger. Now, people don't smoke cigarettes in TV or movies unless it is an important character trait, but I see MADD(Anti-drinking and driving campaign for those outside NA) commercials about marijuana(soon to be legal in Canada) use on TV daily. Times change, man.
  7. RIP Doc. You may have been American, but you made Canada proud. One of the classiest athletes.
  8. I really do think that it had to happen. Not through my own desire, but through necessity. Telltale isn't the same Telltale Games and they hit a wall trying to grow and remain current. It's dangerous out there and playing in your own little sandbox will only get you so many more friends. In 2011 when they made... The Change, I knew it wouldn't be a one step process. They were going to fight to be a player. They wanted more. This is just the next step. We'll see what the future holds now.
  9. Sponge toffee is terrible. The worst.
  10. People, in general, just suck. They always said, you never should meet your heroes. Well unless your hero is Weird Al. Mister straight edge, vegetarian, nice guy. But otherwise, no.
  11. I haven't really liked a Mario game since Super Mario World. I don't think anybody here wants me playing and reviewing it. You wont like what you read any more than I'd like what I play. It's just one of those things you know to bow out on. So far, Samus Returns is my game of the year. It edges South Park due to that game's story and ending being pretty average(still good, but not really good).
  12. I think I'd be afraid to ask more than half of the population what they'd want for things instead of money.
  13. Uh. Two days ago. I suffer from Three Stooges Syndrome and I'm not even a huge fan of the show. Something silly happens, I laugh... Even if the person gets hurt.
  14. The Pet Sematary reference is great. How many people would get that? There's a lot of love put into both games.
  15. Odd. I have only had one bug(two people talking over each other). That sucks that it isn't working right for you. Hopefully, it's doing it for enough folks that they do patch it. I've been lucky with my home-built machine so far. I was also one of the 2% that the last Arkham game worked for at launch. I'm loving the character interactions in this game. EDIT: That said, Butters' dad just went flying across the room. It might have been a proper animation that went way too fast.