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  1. Probably just so people aren't stocking up and reselling the keys later. I've seen it before as well.
  2. Congratulations and good luck. Keep going forward.
  3. I was disappointed to find out that Holding Out For A Hero wasn't a song about a submarine sandwich.
  4. It looks fine to me. Not sure it'll be a theatre trip, but I'll see it at some point.
  5. Right out of left field: Calvin & Hobbes is the single greatest comic ever. It just is. I read it as a kid, I owned all the collection books and as an adult, I bought the complete collection massive bookset thing that's almost heavier than I am. Edit: To clarify, I did mean "ever". Better than Batman, Spawn, X-Men etc.
  6. After the last 3 movies, I'm not really excited about any more. Hey, go for it though. That's kind of my motto about sequels and remakes.
  7. I'd be happier if the whole thing was just bombed period.
  8. sigh. I don't disagree with them flagging it themselves. It was the public spectacle and calling others to do so as well. Is it right for one person to use their fame and social media to ultimately take away ones career. It doesn't matter that I hate the guy. If he wasn't a massive source of ad income, he'd be gone by now. I don't dispute DMCA rights, I do think Youtube's system is extremely flawed though. That's all I'm saying on the matter. (ugh I really wish it was someone else. I really really hate him and hate that this sounds like I'm defending him)
  9. Rub salt, pepper, garlic, marinade in olive oil for steak(I prefer my steak on the medium well side, so marinading is a must). Salt, pepper, brown sugar, garlic, paprika for ribs. Simple Salt and pepper for skinless chicken breasts.
  10. Watching a documentary on Amicus Productions. Good stuff.
  11. Oh yeah. I saw it when I was too young. It really stuck with me. I think it's the most well-written, but now, I think The Hitchhiker is the scarier story. That's probably because I drive alone at night a lot.
  12. Word Processor of the Gods. The Stephen King story where everything turns out for the best. Spoilers! It was an episode of Tales from the Darkside where I was expecting a twist which never came.
  13. Watching Tales From The Darkside today. I've seen the first few episodes before, but I'm giving it another go.
  14. It is a big issue with monetizing though. Trust me on this one. I'm friends with someone whom does it for a living. While you can fight the smaller guys, companies like Nintendo and Sony are willing to take it to court, so Youtube ALWAYS takes their side. They can no longer make money off Nintendo on the Youtube portion of their content and they fought a strike by Sony, only to have Youtube tell them that it is completely up to Sony. The person I mention doesn't just play the games and stream them. There's more to it, but it doesn't matter.
  15. The DMCA system doesn't just take down the video though. A few strikes and you're done. Gone. It would be like you, not only losing your job, but being told you can no longer even work in your profession. Furthermore, in the statement, they also encouraged others to do the same. While I don't care if this happens to a guy like him, where's the line? Where does it stop?