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  1. Yeah. I'm in a pretty somber mood about that. Even, though it came down to just podcasts, it was nice that he was still trying to make content right til the end(well up to 3 months anyway).
  2. Sorry, I missed your birthday, good sir. Glad you had a good time.
  3. Maybe if more of us chime in? I like rice!
  4. "I'm not normal. I know it. I don't care" Sometimes, you just have to quote Ace of Base.
  5. It had too much of a fairy tale feel for my liking. Sucks, because I appreciated the 30 Aliens references. Okay, so it was more like 5.
  6. I'm going to give it a shot, but man.... The trailer doesn't look promising. Shane really doesn't have a track record for the genre outside of acting. Who knows?
  7. If you're going to spam... Maybe do it where people will actually read it. /protip
  8. It does look a bit rough, but(while I know nothing of the topic) I think there's promise there. Maybe it's just how I perceive things in general and how I'm attracted to them. To me, I'd rather have something simple, with basic forms, which convey the object, than something overly elaborate and fancy that is more of an exact replica.
  9. Salem's Lot.. The Mangler... Yanno. He really did kind of hit the mark with TCSM and then went downhill. Oh yeah and he also did The Funhouse, which I'm going to take a WILD guess and say that it's one of Noname's favs. Just taking a shot in the dark there.
  10. Visited the aforementioned friend #2 again and got kitty 2/2 Orion is a bit mopey. He was just diagnosed as diabetic.
  11. You broke my heart. I love Christine. Granted, I don't think it's a great movie, but it had great cinematography. Reminds me of Italian horror. Bad movies, but amazing visuals. I also have a soft spot for silly. I also love Shocker.
  12. A couple old cats that I had on my phone. Both are mid-teens. Voodoo. Male. 1/3 Cats in a friend's house. Nyx. Female. 1/2 Cats in another friend's house.