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  1. I'm still around. I just don't have much to say. I haven't been in a very positive mood lately.
  2. Alcoholic beverages and the winter olympics. Man, I am such a Canadian. I love this shit!
  3. Pretty nifty. Was this another kit? Looks nice and clean.
  4. Dexter reading Pet Sematary? Yes. Yes please.
  5. It's the only one I've played. Got it for $5 from Blockbuster. I loved it... Mostly. There was one really annoying early platforming part(Once I got a save past that, the game was very enjoyable).
  6. My team and my boss' team go head to head next Sunday. It's my birthday, so I think I have the edge(we both work during the game).
  7. I don't think they really deserved it to be honest. They had a worse team last year. This Cleveland Browns held their own in quite a few games and even came close to beating the Minnesota Vikings.
  8. I'm not certain where the line is drawn between good and bad taste, but I think we can agree that it lies somewhere before live tweeting a funeral.
  9. I think a lot of fans compare all of them to ESB and that's the issue. We will never get another ESB. Not in Hollywood. No fantasy movie, in today's Hollywood, will kick you when you're down and leave you like that. No trilogy will be like the first trilogy in the foreseeable future. Folks need to get over that. Same with fantasy as a genre. Call them what you will, but they are still fantasy movies and will fall into some of the same clichΓ©s as fantasy movies. People I know have said "I can see the Disney influence". Same as online. I think that's just a cop-out for any whimsical aspect of a new Star Wars movie. As I said, you wont get another gritty ESB movie and all the others had whimsical or cutesy moments in them. I just thought that was dumb when I heard it. All the Star Wars movies had fairytale aspects to them.
  10. I saw the trailers and just knew it was one of those movies where "this isn't what we're going to get". Glad I was right. I haven't seen it yet, but I had it spoiled for me(on request. Ignorance doesn't make something a good movie to me). Not great, but good was the consensus. I'll see it in the new year when I have time(damn retail job). Edit: The internet hates it though.
  11. Only paintball and that ended after I got shot in the mouth.
  12. Music

    I'm probably alone on this, but I was REALLY surprised by Metal Church's last album(reunion* with their 90's singer). *Sort of. No band member has appeared on every studio album.
  13. Alabama avoiding making a terrible decision. I'm pleasantly surprised. Not that I consider Alabamans terrible, but there has seem to be a run of terrible decisions lately(outside of Alabama).