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  1. I can't say that I like the bowed top and bottom, it makes it impossible to make the box stand upright. Didn't know this was a feature of the DoTT box. Anyway, for this reason the Death Gate box will continue to have its place on my nerd shrine instead. As was already mentioned the inlay that holds the blue-ray slipcase in its place is very easily teared. It happened before I barely touched it. Otherwise I'm very happy! The small art prints are beautiful, as is the slipcase! And the box is, too, even if I can't give it a prominent place in my room. As is so often with Double Fine, you give reasons to complain about but mostly make up for or even exceed expectations in other ways. Still the Kickstarter I'm happiest with!
  2. Reply from Humble about possible reasons for the problem- They are not completing their download and are trying to play a corrupted file. Their browser is trying and failing to play the videos and they should right click and save as. Earlier this week our CDN shifted the way they did things and so we had some odd down time for some downloads, but that should be resolved now. My guess is the culprit is #3. I never reported back to say that the links work again. But they do! Well, already since I saw the post of yours prior to this one. ^^
  3. When I try to download some of the new videos on Humble I just receive the error "Resource Not Found". Specifically, this concerns the Mnemonic and Steed Team videos and the Audio Team Round Table one.
  4. It wasn't his decision to stop working on the game, anyway.
  5. The implementation of the puzzle has some problems, yeah.
  6. What can I say? I solved the puzzle as (probably) intended. I guess another set of eyes helped. For example I didn't recognize for one diagram that "pull the finger" was its right description, but when my friend pointed this out to me, it became obvious. Anyway, since you managed to save scum you didn't run into the bug. That one is described as a cup. I don't remember the exact description.
  7. Yeah, I really forgot about the AF2014 blu-rays! I dunno why they took so much longer to make than the AF2012 ones?
  8. Yeah, that explains why I couldn't figure out a correct choice on my second try, for which I didn't choose to automatically teleport either (because I didn't realize that a certain dialogue option would do that). Still, apart from the annoying backtracking this was a fun puzzle, especially to solve with a friend together.
  9. He got blinded by his own self-righteousness. Quite a shame, I loved his writing back in the day, when Kieron was still part of RPS. But in the last few years his writing got progressively worse.
  10. I voted for "The first break I get" since I have to take care of a lot of organizational stuff at the moment. But the truth is also that I have to wait for a friend to have time since we plan to play Act 2 together. But he has to finish Act 1 first, too. Which he will do at my computer. Hopefully he won't leave me hanging.
  11. I hope it is, too. Richard Cobett und John Walker are rather unenthused about Act 2, and their complaints remind me of the situation with Syberia 2, where people who played the first one also complained that the puzzles were too easy. The developer's attempt to make the puzzles more difficult made the second installment much worse! But well, for BA Act 2 there are other more enthusiastic reviews out there. I will make my own opinion about Act 2 soon enough. ^^
  12. Perfect, now it's a tie, 334 votes for each. So I guess both options have to be produced now? Edit: Oh wow, I should have paid attention, it seems like it has been a tie for a few times now. Not only can't you decide Double Fine, we can't either!
  13. The new trailer makes me super hyped. The few shots we see of Act 2 look really intriguing!
  14. Oh my god, the launch trailer...Tim snuck in this line about Alex being Shay from the future just as a red herring, right? Right??? Because of all the speculation that went in this direction? I'm sooo excited. Better watch the documentary episode now. Thanks Spaff for the update and 2PP for the video goodness! ^^ Edit: Holy shit, that's a long episode!
  15. I also think it's an out of place line without further context that makes sense of it, for the reasons you gave, KestrelPi.
  16. Well, in the case of the Angry Video Game Nerd it is just a persona. What the AVGN says about a game is only partly intended to be honest criticism. For the most part you are supposed to laugh as much at his rage, which is exaggerated for comedic effect, as at the awfulness of the games in question. The guy who plays him makes other videos about games and movies, and his criticisms in those is formulated in a much more level-headed way. TotalBiscuit, sadly, is not much of an act. You are supposed to take him 100% seriously. Bleh.
  17. Hm, Wadjet Eye would be an unlikely choice considering they need Disney's approval first. And while I love Loom, the thought of a sequel puts fear into my heart. If it goes well, sure, that would be loooovely, but when was the last time Moriarty worked on a game? The Dig? The comeback of an old legend that stayed out of touch over many years rarely, if ever, goes well.
  18. Gatergoobers can't distinguish between poking fun at someone and abusing, harrassing someone. Surprise! They must come from such a well sheltered background that they never experienced what true discrimination is like. Okay, I'm not saying anything smart here, and Justin told everyone to stop talking about it. I'll try. Again. Sorry. Meanwhile, on the Steam Broken Age forums someone asks how to get rid of Broken Age from the Steam library, since to them it's an eye sore after Tim's GDC speech. Gatorgoobers showed up en masse. And I was there with them all alone. What an abandoned cesspool those forums are.
  19. Your post makes no sense to me, but alrighty then. It's your forum, after all.
  20. Why does The Independent give GamerGate legitimacy? Poor form. Tim Schafer was on fire last night. I really enjoyed the opening he gave. I thought Gatorgoobers would be more upset with the fact that he openly admitted that he had slept with all the attendees. Oh well, you never know...
  21. Considering some of the still unfixed bugs that hinder my enjoyment of the game (CtDs, bugs with the save system, etc.), it feels wrong to read a post mortem on it. It doesn't feel finished to me.
  22. There's a new D'Angelo album out? How did I miss that? That's the most important news of the week for me!!
  23. Sure. JP was part of the team for a while, though. And the documentary has shown other things that were only tangentially related to Broken Age, like the launch party of The Cave, Schafer shaving his beard, starting a juice diet and talking to a car mechanic about tuning up his car. I don't think mentioning the layoff business even in merely the most oblique fashion would have been out of place. While the reason the 12 employees were laid off wasn't because of Broken Age's money troubles, but because a publisher suddenly pulled out of an unannounced project, you could say that if DF hadn't spent so much money on Broken Age out of their own pockets, then maybe they wouldn't have needed to lay off the 12 employees immediately.
  24. I posted a lot of comments for a while on the Broken Age Steam forums. I focused mostly on correcting the multitudes of egregious falsehoods. But I'm not too fond of the direction Double Fine has gone into recently myself, so I have become more critical, though of course not in the baseless fashion many other commenters indulge in.
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