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  1. Awesome, it was one of my favorite talks I got to see at GDC. Thanks for hanging around after the talk, it was really nice to get to meet you :-)
  2. So out of interest, was the animation for Act 2 done at 15 FPS to start with? I'd imagine animating at 60 FPS then converting to 15 FPS would cause problems like not hitting a key pose correctly. That must have been tricky. We author the animation at 30 fps in Maya and it's exported at 30fps, but the engine samples the animation down to 15fps at run time. The exception to this is the camera, the camera runs between 30 and 60. Also the root motion of the characters stay at between 30-60. This is to avoid the strobing effect that the characters would have if the camera was moving at 30-60. The re-sampling was purely and aesthetic choice. It blended better with the replacement(Flipbook) animation on the characters. I hope this helped answer your question. Ah cool, that make sense. The exciting world of frame rates :-P I didn't fully understand how the camera movement part worked when you explained it at your talk but I get it now. Can't wait to see it all in action in Act 2! Do you have any idea if your talk will be up on GDC Vault? It would be cool if it was one of the free talks, so other backers could get to see it.
  3. So out of interest, was the animation for Act 2 done at 15 FPS to start with? I'd imagine animating at 60 FPS then converting to 15 FPS would cause problems like not hitting a key pose correctly. That must have been tricky.
  4. Last week I had the extreme good fortune to attend GDC and see Raymond Crook's talk on "Animation Style and Process for Broken Age" In his talk Ray spoke about how the character animation in Broken Age runs at 15fps, so it has more of a hand drawn feel and works better with the flip book animation. He showed a side by side of what the game looks like in 15fps vs 60fps. I personal really like the feel of the game at 15fps but couldn't help think that the game looked really slick running at 60fps and that some people might prefer the game at that frame rate. I guess what I'm getting at is, would it be possible to have an option in the game to pick what frame rate? Would this be something that people would like to have as an option? Maybe someone from Double Fine could post the side be side clip, so that people could see for themselves?
  5. Thanks guys! @Fireflower Yeah we do plan on releasing on Windows and Mac (no plans for Linux) but not until all 3 chapters are out on iOS and Android. The controls are very touch and gesture focused, so we will need to do some small redesigns to make it work nicely. How is fireflowergames.com going?
  6. Hey guys, I'm trilled to tell you that we've finally made our ShipAntics game and that the first chapter will be available the 24th of this month on IOS and on Android later next month!!!! The games full name will be ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast Check out the trailer www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjLIboukLyI
  7. Very interesting read, its cool to see how the pipeline works on a game like this with so much dialogue. For anyone that is interested there is a great program called Chat Mapper that can be used to write dialogue trees for games http://www.chatmapper.com/. I've been using it for a puzzle adventure game I'm making and I find it awesome to use. Its really easy to customize and the information can be exported as an XML. It has become a big part of the pipeline of our game. We use it to trigger character animations and audio as well as handling the dialogue trees. I think it was even used for the new Leisure Suit Larry game.
  8. I find it very sad that we may never see the iconic Lucasarts logo again on a new game! That logo alone brings back so many great memories from my childhood.
  9. Thanks guys! It's really encouraging to hear people would back the project and its a great motivator :-) @ Fireflower Thanks for the advice and offer to promote the game, that would be fantastic! I think an interesting video is really important but we may have to do a Kickstarter to get them money to make an awesome Kickstarter video %-P How long have you been running fireflowergames.com? It looks like a great site!
  10. We're working on a prototype demo that we hope to release soon. As for a release of the full game, that depends on us getting funding. We're considering trying KickStarter but its difficult because we don't have a track record or an established fan base
  11. This game was great! I loved how it had multiple endings and story paths. It gave the game great replay value. Its more like Telltals The Walking Dead than LucasArts point and clicks
  12. Thanks! We're making the game in Adobe Air, so it will run on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. We're focusing on getting it to run on iPad and PC at the moment.
  13. Hey Spacedad, thanks for taking a look! I'm glad you like the artwork of ShipAntics. Here's a link to our super talented artists blog http://rgbvalues.blogspot.ie/
  14. I just thought I’d update this thread for anyone who’s interested in the development of ShipAntics. We have been very busy working on a prototype demo and we think its starting to shape up nicely. It still needs a lot of work but its getting there. Please check us out on Steam GreenLight if you’d like to see some early gameplay videos. Also check out our new website and facebook page Any feed back is a huge help, so please feel free to leave a comment if you have the time. Heres some videos of gameplay and artworks http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0L0HXTNhbZQ (moderators please remove this if you feel its violating forum rules. No offence intended)
  15. I really love the idea of letting us vote on Amnesia Fortnight but I wish we couldnt see other peoples votes. I found it really influenced my choice. Some ideas that I liked, I didnt vote for because I could see they wouldnt get enough votes. Still I think its a brilliant idea and I love having the power to help Double Fine make great games!
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