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  1. I did not vote in the poll since I didn't back at a high enough tier, but my opinions are Incredibly Valuable so I'll say I think horizontal will look nice, and as long as the side panel is standard then it'll still look just fine on a shelf. (Which I think was Tim's intent in the video?)
  2. Nordic have also been incredible stewards of the Red Faction franchise after THQ went under, if my experience with Guerrilla is anything to go by. They stripped out GFWL, issued a slew of bugfixes and even some new content and have been responsive to community feedback - all for a game they didn't even develop. I was curious about the comment that the Cancelling Publisher made to the effect that he hoped the game would still get made. Could that not indicate that another publisher might be found for the game? I've said it before, but the Double Fine Adventure has been incredibly engaging over the last three years. For me Broken Age could have turned out to be a 30 minute animated cutscene and while I'd be disappointed that the game didn't live up to its potential I wouldn't feel scammed or ripped off in any sense of the word. (I'm prepared to be underwhelmed, but hopeful that I'll be pleasantly surprised nonetheless.)
  3. There's always a danger of over-hyping something and setting expectations that can only result in disappointment, but you're in for a treat.Hearing your story about tossing your hat box makes me feel a little better about resisting my wife's gentle pressure to clean out my collection of game boxes and manuals and stuff (including Grim). I feel like those games are a not-insignificant part of how I became who I am today. I found my Interstate '76 manual the other day and sat down for a while just reading back through it. It strikes me that kind of world-building reflected a passion on the part of the developers that resonated with me as a player.
  4. My copy of GF came with the CD soundtrack, and it is in fact .Scrimshaw, Lost Souls Alliance, Bone Wagon...all freaking amazing tracks.
  5. Must be. Seems to know more than the guy who has been in the industry for decades and the guy whose job it is to quantify these sorts of things.Some of us are edge cases, though. Me? Unless I'm really psyched about a game, I'm on at least a 6-month delay, if not more, before purchase. I wait until things go on sale. Deeply on sale. But discounted though it may have been, in many cases it's a game I wouldn't have purchased otherwise. I think games naturally have a longer tail in the digital distribution era. Old games don't have to compete for shelf space with new games anymore. They still have to compete for "front page" exposure, but it's so much easier for an old game to get exposure in a sale, or on the page for the sequel or a related game, or by seeing it being played by someone on your friends list. (Yes, most of these reference Steam, since that's how I buy and play games now.)
  6. On the plus side, you(r online persona) got immortalized in the documentary. And isn't that worth the price of admission by itself? Better to be reviled than forgotten, right?
  7. 1:47 - If not who, why? It's one thing to see a whiteboard or piece of concept art blurred out, but an individual? Curiosity piqued! 27:50 - Does it ever feel like you might be better off buying decent video cards for the stragglers rather than trying to troubleshoot compatibility on their ancient hardware? Love the transparency in this episode. Encouraging to see good vibes prevail even in an episode chock full of jerks!
  8. Beat me to it. (I prefer Bookman Old Style, myself.)
  9. Do I vote for my favorite design, or do I vote for "top six" but by doing so sacrifice my ability to influence the top designs? DECISIONS!
  10. I voted for Vella\Shay, but I feel like they should be on the back of the shirt.
  11. The trash chute seemed like a puzzle element (and I was sure of it when I played the beginning again and saw the vacuum bot during the cereal scene). And the snake. But knowing that things have been set up in Act 1 to pay off in Act 2 makes me think there will be some crossover (as Latin_D suggests).
  12. A Sidequest with Khris? Have you been reading my Valentine's Day wishlist?
  13. Not only did I not get stuck, I accidentally solved a couple of puzzles before I wanted to.
  14. Notably absent from the list of features is a "shuffle" mode. Just mix up all the lines and see what delights emerge during gameplay.
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