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  1. We loved having both of them together, not just because they're some of our favorite people ever, but also because Brad's said multiple times that he's not really a story person. It's an important perspective to have on the podcast because it's still probably the dominant mindset for leads in the industry (not to say that's bad either!). ANYWAY, I'm stoked to see more people interested in checking the podcast out, and if any of you fine folks feel super generous after listening to an episode, feel free to leave a review on iTunes! You hear this from everybody, but it really does help. Oh, and while I'm writing all of this out - what are y'all's preferences on podcast length? We've heard from a lot of people that 90 mins is the sweet spot, but I guess Nick and I are in the minority where we prefer longer episodes. Especially with writing podcasts, like the Nerdist Writers Panel, I want to hear everything the guests have to say. That said, I don't think we're going to go over 2 hours that much because that's usually how much time our guests block out, but still I'd love to eventually do a gargantuan 3 hour, 4 guest EXTRAVAGANZA.
  2. Oh man, thanks for the great reply! Yeah, when we ask questions about linear vs procedural vs modular storytelling, it's always as a starting point because inevitably a lot of the answers will be "We should do everything!" Also, everything I've seen of the moment to moment gameplay of Terraria never really interested me, but after hearing about the stuff you mentioned, I'm definitely intrigued enough to check it out! Hope you enjoy the Robin episode! It's our longest one yet, but she says SO MANY good things in it that I couldn't bear to cut most of it out.
  3. Hey all! If you never saw me on the MC forums, I'm Max, one of the writers on MASSIVE CHALICE. My brother Nick (the other writer on MC) and I started a podcast last month called Script Lock about storytelling and writing in video games. Every episode we bring in at least two guests to talk about their history, their process, and where they think storytelling is headed. We've had a bunch of people on so far, including Robin Hunicke (producer on Journey!), Brian Kindregan (writer on Mass Effect 2!), and Rob Auten (co-creator of THIS crazy ARG). This week we've got Khris Brown AND Brad Muir together for one of the happiest episodes in podcast history. We have some super fun discussions on VO, narrative/gameplay dissonance, working on the story for MASSIVE CHALICE, and hugging. Anyway, we've tried to make this thing easy to listen to for people both inside and outside of the industry, but let me know of any comments you have! We're definitely planning on having a few more familiar voices on in the future!
  4. Woo! And here's a closer look at the Chalice I had 3D printed!
  5. THESE WERE DELICIOUS! You folks are the best!
  6. Oh man, this is my family's bloodline! First time I've heard of someone getting it!
  7. Dudes! Just wanted to say thanks for all of your awesome suggestions! I talked a bit about it in the chat during the last livestream, but having more events around the relationships between heroes and families are definitely something we'd like to explore more. Also super stoked over how hard The Lash has been to finish(AS IT SHOULD BE)!
  8. Hello there! This is Max, one of the writers on Massive Chalice! We're super stoked to see everyone enjoying the game and it's been a great motivator while we continue to make things even better! I've come to you today to talk about random events! We're already plugging away on more for the game, but we want to hear any event ideas that YOU lovely people have! Also, what did you like about the events? What didn't you like? What do you want to see more of? Anything at all will help!
  9. Great post! Would it be possible for you to go more in depth on your experience with FCPX?
  10. I don't know if there are any 2PP guys on the forum, but I'm curious to hear how they use their budget.
  11. Fantastic start! The quality jump that 2PP has made in just a couple of years is astounding, and they were great when they were at PA.
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