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  1. I'm super excited about this idea! I'm hoping to have time this next two weeks to contribute to programming on the game quite a bit. Have we decided on if it's going to be only local or are we shooting for network play? My vote would be for local only given the time frame.
  2. Pongball sounds so cool. I really love the idea of doing a community fortnight along side the company.
  3. A bit different in terms of fan art but I want to show off my love for Psychonauts so I designed and 3D printed some merit badges. If you have a 3D printer you can download the models from Thingiverse.
  4. Sadly I don't think there is an estimation for 1.09 yet. Most of the devs working on it have been busy with life or have moved on to other things. Though there is still progress being made... just really slowly. Not sure when/if things will get moving quicker but hopefully it will happen soon.
  5. Not quite yet but we have plans that will make it useful when we release v1.09.
  6. While I don't think we'll add multiple user profiles, we are actively working on adding multiple save/load files to the game. This is a feature we've all been wanting from the beginning.
  7. While Skenners is asleep I thought I'd post on his behalf... So without further ado... Patch 1.08!!! Finally after about 4 months of work from around 13 people in 7 different time zones and at least 3 different continents we finally have patch 1.08! This patch brings a lot of new content along with a lot of back-end code changes to make contributing to the game even easier. From bug trackers and testers to programmers and artists, we've been working hard over at Derelict Games to provided you with the best game experience possible. We love this game and want it to become everything it can be. Some of the changes include but are limited to... * Complete Sickness redo * More Sicknesses * Added a HappyBot * Added the BRAINWORM * Made Jukebox increase the moral of Characters in the room. * More Events * Complete Events overhaul * New Weapons * Weapon Activation * Weapon Overhaul * Tens of bug fixes. Literally tens * New Plants * Creation of main story * More Technology * Minor injury system Added (Major and Minor injury split) Along with the new patch we've also released a brand spanking new website! You can download the hot new patch over at SpaceBaseHub.net. Hopefully you'll enjoy all the awesome changes we've made and added. In the next few weeks we'll work hard to squash any bugs that pop up and release a 1.08.1 patch. And then we'll get to work creating a full trading system (hint: we've already got a good start on this) and even more epic content. See you when 1.09 comes around. - Cxsquared (Sorta not really Skenners)
  8. One way to possibly get more people to do it is if some DF people actually post some photos and videos of them doing the challenge to kind of jump start the process. I think seeing someone else do the photos will make other more likely to do them but that's just a thought. I'm not sure if it would actually work.
  9. There's been a bunch of great responses and points but I'd also like to point out that I think most people forget that Double Fine is a company not just some small indie team. A lot of their decisions try to keep their games in mind but at the end of the day if one game isn't working out (Spacebase) they don't want it to take the whole company down. They might have not handled the situation in the best way but they did try to at least compensated the people who supported the game. It still surprises me that DF gets so much hate when there are a lot worse companies out there that people just throw money at. Double Fine tries their hardest to make fun interesting games but not everyone is going to be great but that's a risk they are willing to take which most companies won't. The openness and originality of Double Fine is what keeps me a big fan of them even after they have some mess-ups. I think most people who hate on them just need a target to hate and don't really care about Double Fine as a game company.
  10. The Cavefish where always really cool to me. I think the tech side in me would lead me their way.
  11. This was the game that got me into adventure games so I'm super pumped to see this getting a remaster. Though I would have liked a squeal a lot better but I still can't wait to blow up some rabbits!
  12. With them getting Broken Age on tablets I don't see why this would be out of the question. I actually think it's quite possible.
  13. I'd love to see another Psychonauts game but I'd want to see the full thing not just a shell of what it could be. I'm sure Tim and most of DF feel the same way and that's why they haven't attempted it yet because it would require a really large budget to be a fully realized sequel. But I can still dream can't I?
  14. A lot of the screenshots really remind me of Milla's level from Psychonauts. Was there any inspiration draw from that Psychonauts level? Where was the idea of the 70s setting sparked from?
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