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  1. TheSmacK


    It's so... It's so...... GLORIOUS!!! I must have it! Double Fine, take all my monies, my videogame enjoyment is paramount!!!
  2. ...I feel like she was just misunderstood.
  3. If you played with both characters you are much to amazing to be categorized by a simple forum poll! You shall have a place by my side when the revolution comes! The revolution will come swiftly and there will be pie for everyone when the revolution is finished. And you, because you are so special, will have your choice of pie!
  4. This game was amazingly fun!!! The art design was fantastic, I also particularly liked the music. Many of the reviews seemed to think the battle system was kinda repetitive, but I found that if I switched the costumes a lot, it made stuff interesting. Thanks to the CQ team for such a great original game! I appreciate your time and effort! I hope to see more XBLA games out of you folks! !!!
  5. Thank you! At least "Beatrice" was a polite spammer, lol.
  6. Thanks a bunch! I will put more stuff up soon, I have some Double Fine related stuff that I think people will totally geek out on!
  7. I did the original hand drawn work with pen and ink, then I use adobe illustrator to clean things up and add some effects. You are going to laugh but the first piece "RagGirl" was colored with all Crayola products, I wanted to give it a fun little kid feeling by using those classic Crayola colors. Oh yeah, thanks for thinking they are awesome!
  8. I'm working on an abstract of Mr. Schafer, next. I think he will like it. He is riding a large yellow rubber duckie.
  9. Awww, man. So sorry! I feel like when you show up to a party in a costume and then you find out when you get there that it isn't a costume party at all.
  10. Helloooo, I'm new! I like Double Fine a whole bunch so I decided to join the forum! The forum is super cool and I like to read about everyone's awesome-ness. ..... Remember Pogs? Those were good times...
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