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  1. @ Ritchie.Thai That is exactly what i wanted to avoid, I deliberately didn't use any title in poll, because it is impossible for a game to be equally funny to everyone. If I would do that, this thread would change into " this game is funnier than this one" discussion, and that's not the point. Just try to describe what kind of experience you would expect from DFA.
  2. Hi evryone. When i first read about Tim's "old school adventure game" I imagined a game like monkey island, DOTT, Sam & Max, a funny, yet engaging game. I never even considered it could be sarious game. After "Episode 2: A Promise of Infinite Possibility" ,especially after Ron said that today he would not make a game like monkey island I realised, that they never said it would be a game like MI or DOTT, only that it would be an "old style". So, Tim, Ron, Please, tell us what you think about it? Also, backers. What kind of game do you expect?
  3. Ther is NO WAY I would spoil all the fun by playing unfinished game, no beta for me!
  4. We are BORG. Your age is irrelevant. Your sex is irrelevant. Your location is irrelevant. You all will be assymilated. Resistance is futile. We are BORG.
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