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  1. The same happened to me, only with Shay's dialogue. Specially during closeups, or when Shay is too close to the edge of the screen. See screenshot.
  2. When talking to the tree, Vella insists on knowing what happened to the old shrub with the words "Say it!". This is translated as "¡Confiesa!", which is a more direct translation of "confess!", as in, something you would say in an interrogatory, for example. I believe it's a stronger word than intended in this case. I'd suggest using either: "¡Cuenta!", or "¡Dilo!"
  3. How many can you find? 1.- Felicia Day 2.- Dan Marshall (Size Five Games, no surprise there...) 3.- ?? GO GO GO... (tip: you can slow/speed the credits with the arrows or mouse wheel)
  4. What about Android? The Play Store is telling me "This app is incompatible with your device." I've got a Huawei U8681 with Android V.4.0.3
  5. yeah, I live in Chile but I don't mind playing in English...
  6. here's mine again: -machinarium -ben there dan that/time gentlemen, please -strong bad's cool game for attractive people -syberia -myst iv
  7. fco

    Not for PC?

    Here's the latest word by mr. Schafer (from Eurogamer's live chat): ...so, it's not a very relieving answer, but at least it still isn't a final no.
  8. Tomorrow Tim Schafer will be live answering questions from the public on Eurogamer. Let's rehearse our questions here.
  9. fco

    Not for PC?

    I don't think a PC version depends much on Tim right now, it'll have to do more with EA being willing to market it. So, if you guys want to do something to make this happen, then go buy an EA PC game and show them that their PC ports can sell a lot. I already ordered today a copy of both Dead Space and Mirror's Edge. Anyway, who knows, maybe the PC version is already in the works, but now that they have given a release date, they wont confirm it unless it's ready for that same date. Otherwise, it would hurt the early sales (which are quite important for publishers) because of people who'll wait for the PC release date.
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