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  1. Updated top post to reflect the actual direction and nature of this thread. If my PC wasn't a piece of junk, I'd join in the fun. Perhaps someday.
  2. The ghoul opens its mouth to respond. A cloud of dust escapes, followed by some incomprehensible babble resembling the lyrics to a song. Hundreds of lost souls of the dead seep through the walls of the tent. Ethereal bleachers rise from the earth, providing seats for the eternal audience. The ghoul raises one arm and gives a slight nod, The floor blisters, then bursts, filling the tent with a haze of stale dirt. The particulate quickly settles, revealing a rusty old circus cannon. The ghoul whirls and gestures its arms in grand manner towards the audience, then turns back to you. Its mouth opens in a grotesque fashion, wider and wider, with jaw unhinged. A mysterious vortex is revealed deep within the ghoul's throat. A dented iron cooking pot tumbles forth from the vortex, landing at your feet. The dead eyes of hundreds bore into your soul, urging you to take action. > TAKE POT
  3. A magical fecal recipe rises from the pages of the cookbook, spellbinding your sphincter muscles in preparation. The jailed man snorts derisively at you, and waves a hand, dispelling the recipe. As he lowers his arm, he spontaneously explodes into hundreds of white roses. From the pile of roses, a unicorn trickster emerges, mocking you. It utters a word that has no meaning, and the walls of the prison peel away, as if the bricks were made of cascading dominoes. Your visions dims for a moment. You smell pine sap, and needles crunch beneath your feet as you struggle for balance. Your vision returns, and you become fully aware of your new surroundings. Enchanted Forest You are in the center of a small clearing nestled amongst the pine trees, unremarkable except for a mysterious stump near the center. A sunny path meanders away to the north. The unicorn trickster is here, mocking you. A small rectangle of fabric, plastic and iron oxide appears to have been jammed into a recess in the bark of the stump. The rectangle gives off a faint blue glow. > TAKE DISK 22
  4. We both died, though. Our ships crash into Flood Control Dam #3 either way. I'm so confused. Everyone's DYING.
  5. Yes. I am going to Metacritic right now. DFKA gets a 10/10. DFA gets a 0/10, until the ending gets changed. And why is my sword glowing blue?
  6. I think we've already met during a game of UNO.
  7. I want hand drawn, but with a mature edge. Basically, HD Full Throttle or the Dig. I didn't like the heavily stylized look of the later MI games.
  8. This thread is dedicated to connecting DFA backers with other backers for the purposes of multiplayer fun-time excitement. Thanks to the efforts of backers solidd and Syd, there is a Backer Exclusive Steam Group! PM solidd or Syd a link to your Steam profile page for an invite. Furthermore, a PC Minecraft server can be found at: dfaminecraft.no-ip.org:25565 (Edit: Made this top post more useful, hopefully.)
  9. ...looks freakin' great on this Android tablet, and the text input fields work correctly. That's a feat. Most sites look like crap. Whoever put all this together, hat's off to you, and thanks.
  10. Or perhaps, the game the DFKA creates is just a pretty front end for another forum, disguised as a massively multiplayer game. By playing it, the "Double Fine Adventure Based On The Result Of The Double Fine Kickstarter Adventure", or DFABOTROTDFKA, is created. I suppose we could just call that game "Psycho Throttle" or something.
  11. I think this whole thing is breaking ground into unknown territory, so it's hard to say. Forum feedback could just end up as a really large focus test, or go further, and be a place to bounce ideas around, and generate new ones. I think there's eventually going to be people that think they are entitled to somehow crowdsource this game, and the challenge will be finding a method that integrates the backers into the process, without stifling the talented creative staff who actually know what they are doing. As long as no one acts the fool, I think it will go well.
  12. What if the process of creating the game IS the game, and I'm playing it right now? *** YOU HAVE DIED*** Your score is 0 (total of 154492), in 1 move. This gives you the rank of Obscure Referencer. Well, we had a good run. So long, and thanks for the memories, DF.
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