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  1. Loved it. The difficulty level was perfect for me. Everything seemed logical and clever. I had a lot of fun with the wire puzzles. And everything involving the cutlery was hilarious. I thought Shay and Vella were both great characters, and I really cared about their fates by the end. I found the villains boring and one-dimensional, and their motivations for using Shay nonsensical. As for Vella’s world seeming inconsistent: I’m guessing Act 1 is meant to portray Vella’s world as low-tech and old, to contrast with Shay’s futuristic world. Act 2 is meant to shatter all the assumptions the player makes about the two world’s being separated by time and space, and that’s why we’re introduced to the more “modern” elements of Vella’s world in Act 2. Or maybe Tim just wanted an excuse to make some video game jokes.
  2. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BiggerOnTheInside
  3. The search for a common ground I guess. I hoped that both critics and defenders of the game could come together in an joined opinion that the game is not as good as the old masterworks. And what the fact that we can agree on something would lead to less hateful behavior. Obviously what hope was misplaced. I can see the value in comparing Broken Age to the "classics," since it comes from the same tradition, and is sort of commenting on what worked and what didn't work in those games. And it's just fun to think about. Yeah you do come off as pretty harsh, and kind of arrogant in the way you speak. Maybe we native speakers just couch our words in too much shallow politeness, lol.
  4. That's cute. I let my 8 year old sister play it on my computer. She definitely enjoyed it, but did not have the patience to figure out puzzles, and kept begging me to tell her what to do. It was interesting to see how a child reacted to the game, amidst some of the complaints I've seen of the game being too "childish." I think the game's brand of humor is one that can be enjoyed by both adults and children (though some themes will be lost on the kids), but not any more so than games like DOTT or Monkey Island.
  5. Sort of related: did Vella suddenly know Alex's name without him ever telling it to her? Did I miss something? It caught me off guard when she shouted his name while fighting Mog Chothra (because Alex is my name, lol).
  6. I don't know about it being ready, it crashed on me multiple times. And maybe there are other subtle things they'd like to fix based on backer feedback.
  7. Took me around 4 hours, like many of the people in this thread. First time I've played through an adventure game without getting frustrated and consulting a walkthrough, lol. I think it was a combination of my enthusiasm and the "easy" (but good for my skill level, and still entertaining) puzzles. Game crashed on me a few times, but thank goodness for auto-save. I'll probably play it again sometime before Act 2 comes out, to catch some of the dialogue/plot points I missed. And to play through Vella's part first, and then Shay's (opposite of my first play through). Soooooooo excited for Act 2!
  8. I thought the same thing. It was odd hearing the wolf's voice at the end of the clip after hearing Elijah's narration. Also the voice sounds kind of mature for the character's age, to be nitpicky. But overall, I like it. Can't wait to play this!
  9. You can watch it here: twitch.tv/doublefine/b/476050260 Broken Age coverage starts around 19:45 Thanks for this! Looks so great.
  10. I really don't see how the thread is redundant. Yes, it is a question of good vs. bad writing, but there are many aspects of what makes writing good or bad. I mean, what seems obvious to one person might not be obvious to another. You never know how much Tim, or any writer, has considered any particular aspect of the writing process, and it's definitely worth getting your point out there, as the OP has. If you go around with such a negative mindset, thinking of all such matters as redundant or pointless, well that's too bad.
  11. Looks great! I love the space weaver's look! Hope to see some Vella screenshots put up, too.
  12. Seconding this. He always says just what I'm thinking only much more eloquently.
  13. Yeah, I have faith in DF and all and don't hold anything against them, but I would really appreciate a more detailed post about the budget.
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