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    Toronto, Home of Scott Pilgrim
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    Surely many of you have scribbled and made something more of those scribbles. I am no exception.
  1. I'm installing as soon as I'm done reinstalling Steam and Act 1. I've been having computer problems lately but fortunately they're all behind me and the future is bright!
  2. Keeps crashing for me too. I boot it up, the window opens for a few seconds, nothing happens, then it closes. Then again, this laptop probably doesn't meet up with the system requirements.
  3. To be honest, I really was in it mostly for the documentary. There aren't enough documentaries on the production of video games. There's the one about Indie Games, this, and that's it! Wanting to go into "the bizz", I wanted in. Plus getting a new classic Adventure Game sweetened the deal.
  4. Only if he sings the lumberjack song Either way, he's okay in my book!
  5. That and hella guns...am I right?!?! Don't forget the bodacious babes!
  6. Looking nice. Incidentally, does the test character have a job where he sleeps all night and works all day?
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