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  1. This reminded me of a post by Lucas Pope, the guy behind Papers, Please, about the stamping mechanic: The complete post can be found here: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=29750.msg827674;topicseen#msg827674 Cheers.
  2. I got the same bug except that instead of finishing Shay's story I tried to switch back to Vella's story. Shay is now standing on his bead at the start of the story. If I reload the same happens. I'm playing on a Mac. Keep up the good work guys. The game is looking great so far. I just hope you fix this soon because my 3yr old girl was really disappointed she could not keep playing
  3. Thanks for a very informative post. I'm a little bit confused about this part: When the artist edits a smart object later, doesn't it open in a new file defeating the original purpose of painting the whole character together? Thanks!
  4. Just a couple of ideas. 1. Go beyond what's being done in Broken Age's documentary: - Add a third type of short monthly video (spotlight?) that focuses on teaching specific aspects: art, programming, design, marketing, business, project management, humor, story, culture, history, influences ... - Bi-weekly updates, alternating full episode and interview/spotlight. - Go outside DF and talk to others that are somehow related to the Massive Chalice project: journalists, players, family, critics, teachers, other developers, distribution channels. - Go to the conferences (PAX, GDC, IndieCade) and stalk Brad and the team! 2. iOS support for Buddha engine, once and for all!
  5. After playing for a while, some sound fx and the voices disappear. The players walking and jump fx, work fine. I have not found if there's something that triggers it, but it's the third time I restart the game and it happened again, in different places (silo twice, island now). If I try to save & exit, it saves, but then hangs and I have to Force Quit the App. Please let me know if I can help anyway to send you more information, a crash report, etc. BTW: The game is fantastic! I'm having a great time! Thanks Ron and the whole DF team that worked on it!
  6. cigumo

    Mac version?

    +1 for mac version
  7. Any ideas if a Mac version is planned? UPDATE: found the Mac thread here
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