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  1. Money Plan: Tim Schafer produces a novelty hipster rap song. Wear a tie around your forehead and run around the studio, wear some game memorabilia on a golden chain. Thank me later.
  2. By the way, are you guys gonna take the extra 0.5mil from the Massive Chalice kickstarter and funnel it into Broken Age? Commmoooooon, play the money game.
  3. I personally don't care about release dates. Take all the time you need, Tim. What I DO wanna know is this: What's the projected total cost of the game? How much money have you amassed so far (and how much is still needed) ? How much money is still left of what you have amassed so far?
  4. I hope you realize that the future of the entire Adventure game genre is riding on this. But hey, no pressure
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