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  1. I agree with DoF. As long as Act I is reasonably long (let's say, Full Throttle long), then I'd be fine with paying for Act II separately (or backing it on Kickstarter). I backed the project with the understanding that it was going to be a small game (remember the goal was $400k). I do not feel that getting only Act I in return for my Kickstarter contribution would be a breach of DF's promise to me. I also don't mind the fact that I would get an incomplete story. Endings are always disappointing; it's the journey that's fun.
  2. Seeing two different subtitles -- English and localized -- at the same time allows the player to compare the two at his own pace. If you just have the English speech and translation, it's a bit of a missed opportunity in terms of learning, as the speech will often be hard to understand for a non-native (moreso than text). Furthermore, it is not always necessary to see the translated text -- in fact, in most cases, just reading the English text will be enough to clear up any confusion. The translation is more of a last resort. If it was possible to set the text language in-game using some hotkey -- that would also work, but would be a bit less usable than seeing both languages at the same time. Tomasz
  3. Good point. I think it's not a big problem. People understand that there are untranslatable puns. Also, this would only affect a small proportion of the dialogue.
  4. Do you know any (good) games designed to teach English or other languages? I'd be interested in having a look. I played the German version of Curse of Monkey Island -- awesome way to learn German, especially if you have some basic knowledge of the language. The fact that I had already played through the game in English made it a lot easier to figure out what was going on.
  5. Thanks. The game is going to be translated into a few European languages anyway (French, Italian, German, Spanish) -- I was thinking about those. Tomasz
  6. Hey Double Fine! Wanna be even more awesome? Make your new point-and-click adventure game English-learner-friendly! I just wrote a blog post where I explain why adventure games work great for learning English. More importantly, I give a list of pretty simple things that adventure game developers like Double Fine can do to make life easier for people who speak English as a foreign language. I'll paste the list below. Discussion and other ideas are welcome. If you support this suggestion, please say so in this thread. Whether DF considers implementing this suggestion will depend on the number of backers who are interested. Best, Tomasz
  7. Hey, why isn't Polish on the list? It's the 6th most spoken language in the EU, after English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, with about 37 million speakers. If you're going to 'inform localization decisions', it would seem a good idea to include it.
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