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  1. Yup. I opened the gate too, and the Cave made a comment about leaving the gate open. But after that, nothing.
  2. As far as I'm aware the dragon is supposed to eat the princess, but that didn't happen in my game. Am I missing something? If it is indeed broken, then I'm going to suggest it is because I simply stole dragon's treasure using the monk's special ability. (I also stole the key using the time traveler's ability.) Anyway, I suspect my game is broken now. I've attached a screenshot. My save game can be downloaded here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4545571/auto.sav
  3. Although I appreciate the help, I already explained why unplugging devices is not a satisfactory work-around. Some people may not be able to access the rear of their PC very easily either. Ultimately this is a software issue that ought to be resolved by the software. I have already set my primary controller. However my understanding is that this setting is for compatibility with older software. It shouldn't have and does not seem to have an impact on The Cave. Coincidentally I have this set so that my joystick functions correctly with an older simulation, and it is something I shouldn't have to alter for The Cave.
  4. The issue is almost certainly with brake pedals, which do not rest in a neutral position but in a full negative (or positive) position. It could also be a throttle controller, which can be fiddly to get a game to consider centered as they are not designed to have a center detente or anything like that. Some games, like The Cave, pick these pedals up and think they are the X and Y axis of a gamepad being held at full diagonal deflection. Admittedly pedals are uncommon so I'm not too surprised when a developer overlooks this issue. (It's a fairly common issue with Unreal engine games which like to bind every axis on everything by default, but that's probably rather tangential. UDK developers be warned!) In any case, the problem occurs only when I use a cave painting (I said postcard, didn't I?). At that point it constantly flips pages to the end, and then continues to make the page-flip noise very rapidly. For whatever reason it doesn't actually mess with anything else in the game, although I do seem unable to use my actual gamepad; I've got no way to select it out of all the various peripherals I have attached. I'm guessing that the game notices the rudder pedals first because they're being held at full deflection and automagically decides to use them instead. But then it doesn't use them in the game world, so go figure... For reference I have a joystick (2 axis), throttle (3 axis), and rudder pedals (3 axis, 2 of which are brake pedals; aircraft have independent left and right brakes) as well as a Logitech Gamepad F310. I'd really like to be able to use the gamepad to play and to enjoy the cave paintings. P.S. As a work-around I can press escape and then choose Cave Paintings. It seems that accessing them here ignores the axis inputs, while accessing them by using one in the game world decides to take inputs from my rudder pedals and go THAT WAY (------>) as fast as possible. P.P.S. As further consideration you might take note that some peripherals actually have buttons depressed by default--these are also known as switches!--and flipping them all to neutral positions to play a game is something of a chore. It's a lot easier to work around, sure, but it's still something that PC customers should be able to fiddle with in the software if necessary. But it hasn't been a problem. Yet. You can never be too paranoid. This is The Cave, after all.
  5. I love adventure games, but I also love flight simulations. Because of that I have a lot of peripherals plugged into my computer and The Cave completely flips out. (Well, kind of. A bit. Just a little bit.) Some peripherals such as brake pedals do not rest in a neutral position, but it seems most game developers are unaware of this and treat every single peripheral attached as an active controller. This causes serious problems in some games, but fortunately the last fellows I mentioned this problem to fixed it. (Thanks, Amplitude Studios, makers of Endless Space, where my view constantly wanted to scroll diagonally at many times the speed of light because of this oversight.) The Cave seems to be playable but when I access the postcards it just goes completely bonkers. Unplugging my controllers is a very poor workaround, because many simulation games also forget your keybindings if you unplug a controller. I suspect this is due to the way Windows handles control IDs but I'm not a true programmer so heck if I know. But the real problem lies with the game that doesn't work, which in this case is The Cave! Anyway, it doesn't work right and it ought to be easy to fix! I'm confident you can do it. Thanks in advance, because I'm absolutely positive you're going to fix this for me. Thanks again! I'm going back to play The Cave, but I'm completely ignoring those postcards because you broke them.
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