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  1. Wow you are a good troll. When I read this I filled my room with expletives.
  2. I just found something amazing! Guess which character has "BLUE GILL" as an anagram of their name!!!?
  3. I like many other wish it would have been harder. If I had spent $30 on the first act I would have been disappointed. The first have took me 4 hours to complete. That would have been $7.50 an hour. Assuming that the next act will take me the same amount of time or longer that's comparable to watching 4 movies. Had I chose the $15 tier It would have been comparable to watching 4 matinee movies. But here is the kicker so far the documentary has been worth my full $30. I love adventure games. I've always dreamed of making one. I even tried making one in QBasic once. If I could have been one of the people play testing and giving notes I would have paid extra. I would have said to Tim exactly what Elijah said "you made my dreams come"
  4. The riddle is the hardest part for me. Remember you can go back up to the cloud place. Listen to what the lumberjack says about the riddle.
  5. I search and searched for my name, but I only did the $30 tier. Alas. I beating myself up now. I was going to brag on Facebook how my name was finally in an adventure game. I'm going to end up pledging too much on the next Kickstarter.
  6. I finished in 4 hours(minus some pee brakes), but I've played a lot of adventure games. I'm certain that it would normally take someone a lot longer. I would like part 2 to be harder.
  7. I took me 4 hours to beat. But I have to be honest with myself. I'm an expert at these types of games. Quick suggestion for part 2. Make it harder.
  8. *shudders* I just thought about this after I saw the newest update. I'm glad that Tim didn't listen to those other guys about NOT having puzzles. I saw him thinking about it and I got scared for a moment.
  9. Here is a plea form one Tim to another. Don't let us influence you too much. Stick to your guns. I want to be involved in the process as much as possible, but I don't want to be involved in creating Frankensteins monster. BTW I love all ideas so far.
  10. Awesomeness!!! Love the idea!!! I want more sausage factory!!! I want the sausage right in my face.
  11. Here is a silly idea ... is there any reason it couldn't be about a scruffy lumberjack? As a bearded fellow I'm tired of always being the villain.
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