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  1. Why do I feel like suggesting the period key? What game skipped dialogue with that one? At any rate, not space, that's pause in my brain as well. I'd prefer Enter or Backspace, probably Backspace. Customizing the keys will surely happen anyway.
  2. Might one be so bold as to request one that is 1920 high and at least 2160 wide, not blown up from smaller resolution, for the Sony Xperia Z?
  3. Maximus the horse from Tangled. His "1 frame head turns" totally made his character.
  4. Can't stop thinking "Broken Sword" when I hear "Broken Age", and I never even played the games. I get the significance of the title though. I just expected something a bit more...tentacley, grim or psycho, if you will. Something general with an unusual word to draw us in. That make it sound like a gimmick.
  5. I think this was an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.
  6. I would have loved to join if I had some spare time right now, since my actual job is being a subtitler. I'm not sure if the need for Norwegian subtitles is that great anyway, Norwegians tend to prefer English, but by all means, I hope you get every language in the world covered. Great initiative!
  7. I must say I do picture her with long hair, but when she gets busy, she just wraps it up in something or balls it up and sticks something in it to hold it up. A tool she might need to use a lot, maybe.
  8. (Edit) FIRST BATCH COMMENTS: I find P to be maybe a tad on the Robin Hood/Peter Pan side. And I look at bleached hair as Hollywood lip service, even though this is a fantasy world. I never pictured our girl as someone who would need to redo her roots while adventuring. Natural hair is much more courageous and intense, I think, but it can still be innocent (see O). Along with the brave Miyazaki girls, I see some Mulan (Disney) in these sketches, and that girl had spunk! I'd love to see some of Mei's (Totoro) childish valiance. I would say that O is the most sympathetic. Q looks like a schemer who bites off more than she can chew. I enjoy the hair styles in these sketches. It makes it look like they're wearing a chullo type headpiece. Maybe they are in some of them. I would breed the intelligent D with curious C, adventurous L and innocent O. And displeased R. Aaaand the overall mystery of E. Although E doesn't catch your eye immediately, I am truly curious to know what she's thinking. Doesn't seem like she'll ever tell, and she's looking straight at you to tell you where she stands. I think she just became my new favorite. It's very interesting to give these girls personalities, and I find it easy to do so! Great sketches. SECOND BATCH: Yeah, rip that gown.
  9. D and J from the top... O (love the hair, really catches your eye) and R from the bottom. I very much like the idea of them sticking her in some over the top outfit as a part of the ceremony.
  10. I went into this thread thinking PAX was the name of a DFA character's magical buddy and that there would be a promo video of him. [/dumb]
  11. Lucky people. I would love to own radial, green radial, black radial and bullseye!
  12. Loved Peter Chans part. I envy him and his life on all levels I just found this drawing: Imagine a game looking like this!
  13. I suppose the playable character could combine some items and produce a new item, then after it's combined tell you it won't be of much use or something in that vein, perhaps humorous. To please the player. Then it is broken into two items again.
  14. Only a slight relevance to DFA, but... Is this Bagel or someone who copied his character style?
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