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  1. Well, based on the documentaries we know they pumped at least $1M of their own money into it. Based on the scope and length of development, I'd say it's more than that, perhaps as much as an additional $3M. But I doubt they will release these figures.
  2. The future of the company as a whole has to come before the future of any one employee, that is for granted. I see this everyday now in my field of work which is the oil business - the consistently low oil price has already caused thousands of layoffs - hundreds just in my area - and will continue to cause thousands more going into the next couple of years (I have so far been spared). Working in the oilfield service industry is a lot like the games industry in that if there are no new projects, your job is instantly redundant, and the new projects are controlled solely by the big oil companies, like the big publishers in the games industry. I'm sure DF will survive somehow - at least they'll probably manage to come up with a couple new projects to retain core staff - but expecting more layoffs at DF in the coming year is hardly doom mongering.
  3. When people like JP are flat out let go, it's bad. I don't think holding hands and singing hymns is going to help Double Fine, they're going to need a unexpected hit release or some other form of unexpected income or we're going to be seeing more of these posts in the coming year. Current ongoing projects keep the rest of the company busy for now - but there should be significant doubts whether either of Massive Chalice, Broken Age P2 or Grim Fandango Remastered will generate enough revenue to keep those teams funded on ongoing projects after that.
  4. #62 and dropping, and no longer featured on Steam. Selling less than a $45.99 early access for Planetary Annihiliation at the moment, must translate to ... 100 copies a day? 150? I fear even less, < 100 / day and dropping until it flattens out at a dozen or so copies / day. At that rate it would sell less than 5k in a year. The PC sales on Steam are pretty much over until it gets a promotion, a price cut, and/or another feature.
  5. #26 still. Should translate to just shy of 1k copies / day.
  6. Agreed. Tesla Effect looks to be shaping up to something that could be the wildcard game of the year. I really think it could be hugely successful.
  7. I agree. They've spent $6.3M total then on development and reward fulfillment. I guess we can view the Kickstarter money as an advance on profits, so that leaves $3M to make on sales to break even. Justin said that 500k was his wet dream sales figure, now that would (at the current price point) bring is $12.5M before any Steam commissions, which is four times the break even total. However, the game (quite probably) won't sell 500k units at $24.99. The game needs to sell ~120k units at the current price point to be profitable. It probably needs to sell around 250k units to be profitable at a level where it can be the start fund for the next project, in other words help ensure DF's independence. 500k units would set DF up with another two year project off of Broken Age profits, which is what we're all hoping for.
  8. Well, right now it sits as Steams #5 best seller, in-between the daily and weekly deals at 33-60% off. So I'd say so far, so good.
  9. Rated M for mature, also ChristCenteredGamer just bumped the morality score to 46%.
  10. Morality score!?!?! Man, it pisses me off seven ways to sunday that a site like that even exists.
  11. Yet, here you are, arguing. Just as you stated in your mission statement over at the RPGCodex, otherwise known as the holy 4chan of gaming communities. I reported you. Again.
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