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  1. This, though I don't believe they would make them mutually exclusive.
  2. Not that I mind—I like it. Just wondering, is this just an aesthetic design choice or is it chosen for less obvious reasons? In some classic literary works, for example, bare feet often connote purity of heart, but she seems more tough than innocent.
  3. Can I somehow just put the executable file from the DRM-free version in the directory of the Steam installation instead of having to have an entire duplicate installation for the non-Steam version? This works with games like Cave Story +; this would save me about 4GiB of downloading/space. Does the DRM-free version have the same requirements as the Steam version (Shader 2.0) or is it the same Windows version that's always been out? Otherwise, I'm not going to bother and just delete it for now. (I do remember not needing Shader 2.0 for this game in the past).
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