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  1. Thank you Double Fine! Just finished the game and the smile hasn't left my face yet. Loved how the puzzles towards the end connected the two sides of the story. What a wonderful way to finish this adventure - I'm so happy that I was able to back the project! Thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations! And the surprised traffic cone...
  2. Yes, I'm happy for you to do whatever you want with the documentary. As far as I'm concerned I backed so that it could be made, and not for any kind of exclusivity over who gets to see it. I've really enjoyed it so far and it would be good to be able to point non backer friends in it's direction.
  3. Another locked outside the house puzzle: my sister and I came home from school one day, only to find that our dad hadn't left the house key out for us in it's usual hiding place. So we were faced with sitting outside in the cold until dad got home from work (this was before mobile phones). About an hour later we heard the phone ring inside. Figuring there was a chace that it was dad ringing to see what we wanted for dinner as he sometimes did, we thought it likely he'd ring back having got no answer the first time. The phone was on a table in the hall, about 10 feet from the letterbox. So we got a bamboo stick from the garden, manouvered it through the letterbox and after a quite a few attempts we eventually managed to knock the reciever off the base. We then poked the phone around so that we could rest the end of the bamboo stick on the switch hook. Then it would only need to pull back the stick to answer the phone if it rang again, which it did after a while. Unfortunately we hadn't rehearsed what we were going to say, so both of us just started yelling at the same time. So we had just seriously confused, and probably alarmed, either a random person calling the house or our dad. Turned out to be the later, and 15 mins later we were inside!
  4. For me it wasn't as good as Vimeo. It stuttered a bit in SD, whereas Vimeo works fine for me in HD. I'm using Chrome on Win7.
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