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  1. My rationale for voting was a) If I thought the concept was interesting, and b) if I thought I would actually play it. My votes were as follows: Hack'n'Slash: Because it seemed like a great concept, and it felt like it could kind of grip you, well providing it was accessible. In addition, it had kind of a nostalgia value to it. Spacebase DF-9: I would love to see Double-Fine's take on a sim, and conceptually this seemed like it might have legs. Miligrim: I thought there was something really unique about the concept and a great deal to explore with the result. Kaiju Piledriver: It seemed simple, fun, and highly addictive, especially if built for mobile. Autonomous: This was partly because I thought it would work as a concept, and partly because I was curious to see what Lee Petty would do with said concept. I tried to keep my voting to 5 prototypes as I felt it would make my votes a lot less effective if I chose more. My reasons for not picking the others were less about concept and more that I just couldn't see myself playing them as much as I would the above. Hope it helps.
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