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  1. This was great! Between this and reading Jordan Mechner's Making of Prince of Persia Journals (which are great by the way) I'm having a really vivid late 80s/early nineties flashback .
  2. How about "A leap for giants" ? Otherwise another +1 for "Beyond the divide" or "[something][something] divide"
  3. Just wanna second the positive response. What's been offered so far has easily been worth 30$. Just curious though: Has there been any internal discussion on how to handle the hurdle of the highly disparate perceived value on the different target platforms? I mean once the game is released. Releasing the game on IOS with a price tag above 10$ makes it "expensive" (I don't agree with that - but that's what mobile platform customers will say). Releasing a brand new adventure game on PC below 25$ makes it a bargain. Just wondering.
  4. cool. just curious how the animation system would handle transitions between different versions of the character (e.g. when the character is drawn from a different perspective to walk toward or away from the screen). Are the "puppets" just swapped out between two frames or would you use a number of non-skeletal animation frames for the transition or some kind of blending magic? ps tu-dresden shoutout (couldnt resist )
  5. Let's visit the observatory atop the giant glowing orange that is the center of the fruit bowl universe: Oh look - there's the plum planet with its strawberry moons. How many craters can you count? How beautiful the mango star looks tonight, with its cherry pit rings. And all the way out there, that must be the banana peel nebula. But enough with the stargazing. Time to go down to the juicy cellar, waaayy below the observatory, close to the giant orange's core. #gentleLocations
  6. I' don't want to know everything beforehand but I'm still not worried about parts of the story being spoilt. I am however not interested in input as this is supposed to be a -double fine- adventure. I hope the team won't feel too obligated to listen to the backers' input. Too many cooks...
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