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  1. I would take a tip from the new rogue like games that are coming out. When you start a new game there would be a button that you could click that says disable hints. Once you click this button you cant access hints on that saved file. the only way to get to them would be to start a new game.
  2. The game has to have some comedy that is half the draw of a good Adventure game to me. But what makes a GREAT! adventure game is: Having compelling characters with solid goals/motivations doing interesting things. A strong narrative or plot that stays on focus most of the time(humor has permission to derail the plot for a time) And lost the holy grail of good comedy and any story Timing/pacing. If they can nail down these things any mood they set will be good for me. To be honest I think to many developers these days are trying to hard to be dark and edgy. Just let the story be what it wants to be and don't try and force it into any one box. Real life is more complicated the just one tone or theme but a mix of many.
  3. Loved this game when it came out. to bad i lost my old disc for it when i moved. You guys at DF need to get it up on GOG or Steam so i can buy a new copy!
  4. A heart felt start to a game that will be built by people that love Adventure games. YAH!!!!
  5. The one thing i find worst is the timing puzzles that end in death. If you die in an adventure game it should be because of your own stupidity like clicking eat bottle of acid. Any other deaths should be avoided. This is not to say you should not have a fail state in your game where if you do X Y or Z you must try the puzzle again from the beginning. Some trial and error is what i look forward to in a good Adventure game. What DF must not do is have you die and have to load a saved game that might be 1-4 hours old. An auto save after each puzzle can fix this easily. The only other time i can see the hero dieing is at the end of the story if you fail a key mission and then roll the credits. Of course simply loading up your last auto save file should be good enough to get you back to the point right before you failed. A good example of this is The Dig. In that it had multiple endings depending on if you finished enough side quests.
  6. Well the voice actors should fit the part not just be what is hot at the moment. But i do agree that i did love that voice from Bastion.
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