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  1. As with others, I think in honesty I have no problem with the documentary being launched, but as others have suggested probably the best way to do it is not release them all at once, and rather have them staggered so that backers get them first and you release them slowly to the public - I mean, those of us who backed from the start started getting episodes of the documentary two years ago now, so really I like to think of them as like a DVD/Video release - if I buy a movie two years ago, I don't tend to get pissed off that someone can buy the same movie for less than a tenth of the price I paid now, you know? (In fact, if we're using the TV analogy by the time it's two years later those movies are on free TV by this point anyway). So yeah, most certainly for the older episodes, maybe hold back on the more recent ones or release them in a schedule, so the backers have a period of exclusivity or whatever (maybe a month or two) for future episodes.
  2. Mmnnnnmmmffh! Mmnnmmnn! MmmMnnnnnnnnpppphhh! Mnn-mmmnnnfffffghh! (I've had to put tape over my mouth as I'm quite excited for this news but don't want to accidentally blab before time.)
  3. Yeah, I'm liking the idea of something between M and O. I don't mean N, just a sort of cross between them if at all possible.
  4. I think there might already be an idea there for another team within Double Fine to potentially work on: THE SECRET OF TIM'S OFFICE! "PASS Tim's super guard robots! OUTWIT trained killer secret keeping dogs! PARKOUR yourself through deadly laser beams into Tim's office while working out if Parkour can be used as a verb!" - It'd be so meta, it'd be like meta cheese on rye bread.
  5. Great episode - but was a bit disappointed to learn of the cancellation of Once Upon A Monster 2. I thought it was a great idea, even though I never played it myself due not owning a Kinect nor being a parent, but I was recommending it to friends that were because I'd heard good things. Was it mainly a didn't sell well enough thing or something like that (if you can say that is of course.)
  6. At the beginning of a new world's creation/colonisation. A motorway service station. A world where dogs take humans for a walk.
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