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  1. My first impression - when I played with highest-quality graphics options - was an interesting, laggy game where I died shortly after the House Potato. When I tried again with the lowered graphics settings, I liked it a lot more, but I still couldn't figure out how to get the "proper" ending. Now that I've seen the proper ending, I can only assume you're all insane and I want you to know that I hope y'all never change. I find it hard to give this prototype the same kind of criticism I would give one of the others, since Pen shot for the moon on this one without realizing how insane the idea truly was. That said, when the character animations are working properly, they look really good for two weeks' worth of work, and the volume and quality of dialogue is insane for that same period of time. I suppose my only concern with making this a full game (other than the chatbot difficulties) would be varying the branching paths enough that the solutions don't become too obvious. (I'm not saying the path in the prototype has an obvious solution, but I'm not sure how others would deviate too much from it. I can't say much more without going into Potato territory.) I can't believe y'all made this in two weeks. Cheers to all involved!
  2. There's a lot of cool stuff in this prototype! Considering y'all only had two weeks, it looks really good. The style was executed really well, and it definitely works in this environment. I want more adventure games to feel like this! My main complaint is there were a few speed bumps I hit before I could play the game properly. As several people have pointed out, the Steam launcher didn't work, and then I had some issues with the controls (as I mentioned and resolved elsewhere on the Mnemonic board). Then, I got two copies of one of the items - not game-breaking, but perhaps somewhat distracting. As polished as the game looks, these issues threw me off a bit. So... Yeah. Other than that, this is a solid piece of work. Cheers, Team Mnemonic!
  3. OK. This game is really great. First of all, it looks gorgeous. Considering y'all had two weeks, the artwork is incredible. Props to all of the artists. Next, I love being able to customize so many details. I had them call me "Senor Cardgage" and drew a little picture of him for my stamp. Hearing the citizens cried out "Combolations Elizagerth" is probably my favorite thing ever. I can see where the gameplay is heading, and while there are some issues right now, I'd be more surprised if there weren't. The only issue I had was that I would run out of obvious issues to deal with at some parts - maybe advisers could keep bugging you about things you haven't taken care of? Otherwise, I like that the choices aren't obviously right or wrong, as choices seldom are in this level of dealings. I think this would be amazing with more time devoted to it, and it would explore a type of game that just isn't out there right now. I had some concerns that the game would be more like Tropico, where your focus is on the nation and not the leader, but I felt myself weighing my own reputation with the actions I took. Super cool.
  4. Did you try Escape? When I hit it, the game closes instantly.
  5. Yeah, I was just trying all the buttons I could, and I found that those work perfectly! A mention on the help screen would be super-helpful for my fellow Laptopians. Thanks!
  6. Howdy, y'all, I love what I've been able to play of Mnemonic, but I'm playing on a laptop using the trackpad, so I can't find a way to access the inventory. I've tried mapping other buttons to act as the middle mouse button, but nothing's working so far. Is anyone else having a similar issue? Or can anyone think of a way to fix it? Thanks!
  7. I voted for Hack n' Slash, Milgrim, and The Flock. Hack n' Slash appealed to me as a fun twist on old gameplay elements, as did Milgrim. The nostalgia factor was definitely influential. The Flock offered something new and unexplored, and seemed to be an avenue left unexplored by game developers. Things that turned me off from proposals: -Not enough information - If I couldn't imagine from the proposal how the game would be played, I wasn't interested. (Redbot's Reboot comes to mind.) -Not enough room to explore - Some of the proposals seem to be already set in stone and just need more time and attention to finish. (Flopulus, for example.) I'd rather vote for a brand new idea and give it legs. -Low expectations - If the project doesn't seem like the final game will take more than fifteen minutes to figure out, I'm not a fan. (Silent But Deadly fit this category for me.) -Overly high expectations - If the project seems like learning to play will require three hours of tutorial, I didn't vote for it. (Case in point: Echelon.) -Not enough freshness - I like new ideas and putting twists on old ones. Projects that did neither didn't grab my attention. (No specific project for this one, but the ones that did have a fresh insight caught my eye.) Let me say that I don't dislike any of the proposals! However, some of them showed more promise than others to my eyes. If I voted again tomorrow, I might come up with three different games, but those are the three that caught my eye.
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