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  1. Discovering you can give blocks negative numbers when move to pull them towards you, was very satisfying to work out!
  2. Yeah, I noticed that as well. I couldn't understand Halcyon, but I could understand Ida.
  3. Got this glitch at the same location too, whilst reading the sign. Was in fullscreen mode.
  4. Had Vella check Curtis's mailbox, the text glitches up, and she suddenly shrinks after completing animation, repeated to same effect. Also noticed some animation glitches during Vella's escape from Sugar Bunting and arrival in Meriloft (leg clipping/legs in wrong layer) and climbing a ladder up to Jessie in Meriloft Vella was behind the ladder during the climb animation (possibly animation in wrong visual layer, but unsure) Windows 8, quad core 1.5 Ghz AMD Processor, 8 Gb RAM.
  5. Already playing, and started a Broken Age Gamer group on Steam called: "Broke Age Gamer", because I apparently suck at noticing when I spell group names wrong. And used the term "bro-age" as a acronym, because I'm cool like that. That's guys, good work.
  6. Since we've seen you use rigging on the assets, how long would it take to rig up a character?
  7. Awesome, Curtis is in! Has he been growing his beard for Movember? It seems bushier/
  8. Hey Khris, Abandon all hope, you've been assimilated now. Anyway, question time. Have you ever had to set up an international recording conference for any project you've worked on?
  9. Just remembered who David Kaufman's Marek voice reminds me of. He sounds a lot like Paul Darrow's Avon character from Blake's 7. For those who probably don't know what Blake's 7 is, it's a British sci-fi series aired between 1978 and 1981, with a shoestring budget. Much like Doctor Who, only a dedicated space opera. Avon, at his sardonic best:
  10. Marek! That's how you spell it! Thanks, Smiles, that's been driving me nuts all night.
  11. Dave Kaufman sounds awesome as Merrick (Marrick? What's the spelling here?), can't wait (even though technically I can.)
  12. I was doing my best mckayla maroney face! Mugging for the camera, Dave, really? Does this really set the right impression of the professionalism of Double Fine .......... Yeah, I couldn't even type that without grinning like a loon. Good job at getting away with it, Dave! Good episode like always, could do with more narwhals though.
  13. It may just be me seeing the world with a different viewpoint, but doesn't it seem like there's been an upsurge in interest in adventure games in general since Tim announced that they wanted to make a new one? As I said, it could just be I'm more aware of people's interest in making games in this genre, but I really hope this is actually a sign that we're entering a new age of adventure games.
  14. Wow, Tim looks a whole lot younger without his beard, it almost seems like he's actually mixing up the recipe for the Elixir of Youth instead of throwing some stuff in the juicer. Encouraging to see that progress is being made. I'm really enjoying the documentaries as they're showing us the highs and the lows of the entire development. Just a quick question, is the game being tested out on iOS and Android at the same time as the HOF, or is that something that will occur later in production?
  15. I'm guessing because they're trying to lull you into a false sense of security. Never trust doors that smile or talk.
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