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  1. Oh, thanks! Probably should be added to the table of excellent contents too.
  2. Is the latest side quest ever going to be posted on the forums?
  3. Like you allude to, I assume Shay will be getting past the snake in Act II.
  4. For what it's worth, I have been watching all the documentary episodes.
  5. I definitely agree that the heavy handed and early hinting detracted from the fun of the game. Some examples off the top of my head: 1) Certainly the puking tree, as others have mentioned. Even talking specifically about stools setting him off. Also, it would be nice if you didn't try to get the mayor's bucket until you know why you want it. 2) The head shrinking puzzle. 3) The taking a dive and such. From the documentary we know Tim had trouble with the whole breaking the routine and people being frustrated, but also SUPPOSED to be feeling frustrated. Seems they moved too far on the easy side here.
  6. I guess I can see that. It was jarring for both my wife and I, though. Certainly not a showstopper bug.
  7. My wife and I both noticed this as well. On a more general level, there were often dialog choices about things and concepts I hadn't been introduced to yet. It was a little off putting as it made the dialog feel very unnatural at times. (At the same time, I recognize that it can sometimes be frustrating when key dialog choices aren't showing up because you haven't triggered them through other actions yet. But it seems like just introducing concepts in a dialog tree before having them be dialog options would be nice.)
  8. This video won't play on my phone. Is it using a different plugin? Edit: in a different browser I was able to see the link to the different video format. (It was being cut off in my default browser.)
  9. Backers will get access to the game before it goes to Steam Early Access.
  10. My first thought would actually be ESC, but I would be happy to see that ESC pauses the cutscene and glad to have another button for skipping. Enter would be the next button I tried.
  11. wtf? i know it happened on bright moon. i havent tested it any further. and i was playing at about 10-11pm...do you think that i was THAT lucky to have it that that? i didnt happen once. it happened more than a couple of times. and are you sure? there is just a miniscule difference in the look of the moon in the background. Oh I'm positive. It was quite frustrating not to be able to progress in the game. As soon as I changed the system clock, everything was happy. (I was stuck in the bright moon phase, by the way.)
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