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    I surv yogrttt
  1. I thought it was worth it, but I'm a huge fan of the D, so that's probably why.
  2. I've never had the opportunity to wear a top hat, but I hear it's fantasmal.
  3. Yeah, it's really not that good. I haven't done anything Psychonauts related in a long time. Maloof and Mikhail I thought this was awesome when I was done with it. JT is gunna shoot you, durn tootin' My pictures are just drawings of the characters I only draw actual scenes when I'm not lazy. Bobby Ziltch is a crazy mutha That's right! An unimpressive Raz! OMFGYAY I like this Franke picture tho. Seriously, that's cool.
  4. HOORAY Blue! I followed you here... GREAT stuff as always~
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