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  1. Awwwww I feel terrible for not contributing all my positive love for the game on launch now! Well, for what it's still worth, there's so much to love in Act 1. It's been a pretty amazing cycle for me, going from playing Schafer point and clicks as a kid, to resharing them with my own kid, to playing our first together in this. Now we're both equally psyched for Act 2, and I mean... looking back on that cycle, that's such a surreal but super special experience to go through. If I wear my backer shirt to get him from school he boasts to others about what it means. Anyone who might happen to read this from the team should know we're truly proud to be backers and players of the work you've all done.
  2. Ahhh amazing ep! That music is just sounding downright gorgeous, love it edit: for my two cents on the length topic, I'm not worried in the slightest. Sure Full Throttle was somewhat short, but it's all damn amazing and makes for probably my favourite Schafer game, sooo... not worried at all. I for one like the argument of polish over length.
  3. Hey guys and girls! I’ve just released my second indie adventure game this week called “Anna’s Quest”. As a kickstarter backer and general lurker as a result, I won’t spam up the page with all the details about the game, but I’ll give a brief run down… Trailer: Anna’s Quest is a black comedy adventure game set in a dark fairy-tale like setting inspired by The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen... with a sci-fi twist! The story follows Anna, a young girl who, in the search of a cure for her ailing Grandpa, has been captured and kept under lock and key in a tower deep in the dark wood by an evil old witch. The witch has plans – plans that involve large, mysterious machines and cruel experiments with Anna. What the witch doesn’t count on, however, are the powerful telekinetic forces brought up within Anna, and Anna’s own plans of escape… It's a DRM free download with full voice acting and an original soundtrack for only $5. There's more info on the game over at my site, like screenshots and a demo, and of course a link to grab the game - http://www.kramsdesign.com Thanks for hearing me out! Hope you guys like it!
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