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  1. See, that thing there, that's awesome
  2. Well if you want to kill Ultima Weapon for the best summon in the game you've already farmed enough Aura/hero potions. But fortunately Squaresoft was always nice about making games easy to farm. I think I logged 60hrs on FF6 maxing out every character with ultima, but that was done out of boredom and 60 hours is now pretty standard on games now. Point is, that all characters ended up the same by the end and it was kinda lame. At least for 6,7,8. They went back to classes for 9 & 10 though I admit to never finishing those cause they got tedious. I much preferred having classes for the game, made the characters more interesting when they had different abilities. They didn't really have classes in 10, actually. Everyone started a bit different because of their positions on the sphere grid, but eventually you maxed out the entire sphere grid for everyone. Like 6, only their personal abilities were different.
  3. The difference, at least in six, is that Offering and Genji Glove with Atma Weapon and Illumina meant you could do 9999 damage eight times, with a chance to cast pearl up to four times for a little extra. The gembox meant you could use ultima for 9999 damage twice or so. Gogo was indispensible, really. And, of course, if you got tired of watching Sabin use Suplex on the ghost train, you could always throw Phoenix Down at it. But you never get tired of watching Sabin use Suplex on the ghost train.
  4. You're only saying that because Offering + Genji Glove, Illumina, and Atma Weapon while Terra or Celes uses the Gembox to cast Ultima twice.
  5. Or perhaps leave iron man mode in as normal achievement bait. There are players out there more hardcore than me, and they deserve to be recognized for it.
  6. I do hope that the paypal option can be left open. Wasteland2 has a "backer upgrade store" that I think could potentially work well in concept. I would certainly like to upgrade to bloodline backer status, but it'll take me more than one paycheck to hit that goal. I have Bill's Toupe' after all.
  7. *Looks at $1,147,419 pledged of $725,000 goal* *Peers at* Yeah, no, I'm going to guess if a million dollars in pledges was something laying thick on the ground for anyone, you'd be posting from the floating laptop in your 2nd story pool and in a slightly better mood. These are results, and damned good ones. Some of us pledged to the idea of another Doublefine game. Some of us pledged because we knew Brad's work. Some of us pledged because we wanted to argue about same-sex couples in a lineage-focused videogame. A lot of pledges have happened, and this is a very successful campaign.
  8. Perhaps throwing some kind of 'ascended bloodlines' into the new game plus feature? I would assume the immortal ruler could marry into nothing less.
  9. Plenty of games have enemies that burrow. Let's be original here. How about demons that are theoretically entirely stationary, but can pull the world toward themselves, warping the space in between until it looks like it makes sense? Kind of like a cross between the hand of hell and a tesseract.
  10. The Court Jester is available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, and contains a great many funny things, including Danny Kaye trying to remember which drink isn't going to kill him. Hilarity ensues.
  11. I think you miss my point. A hero could use Melee Weapons or Magic and still be a Leadership or other Support archetype. First Example A hero uses a Melee weapon, and Spells, but his heritage in the Leader archetype means that he is much better at buffing allies, and has a broader base of abilities to support that function, than a front-line or rear-line combatant would. Second Example, A hero uses a ranged weapon and uses spells, but his Heritage as Support means that he is best at protecting his allies and debuffing enemies, and has a broader base of support abilities than a ranged offense or magical offense archetype would.
  12. Moai is DF's 2D engine, Buddha is their 3D engine (and I don't believe it's based on Unity). Buddha was used for 3 of the 5 AF games and for The Cave, Stacking, Iron Brigade, BrĂ¼tal Legend, and Costume Quest. Although Brad has made some sort of prototype of MASSIVE CHALICE in Unity, the game itself will be using Buddha. Thank you for the correction. It's hard to answer at work when I keep getting interrupted by phonecalls.
  13. EDIT: Stricken from the Record for incorrect information
  14. You'll have, at a minimum, the possibility of all the combinations of these you've stated. In addition, there are Support archetypes to consider.
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