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  1. There's a topic about that. 1080p GTX 670 I7 - 4440 High DPI mouse I have those too but not in every scene, only in the cloud village.
  2. The Shay part was just amazing and gorgeous at every level. Vella's is the one that has many of those low resolution issue.
  3. Same thing here. GTX670 I7-4440 Win7 64bit 8GB RAM Hovering items on this scene gets the game down to 10 FPS, instead of a solid 60 absolutely all the time.
  4. Shay part : Graphical - The neck overlaps quite often, the space suit neck is almost always glitching, it wouldn't be noticeable if it wouldn't fix itself during the same scene. This is all I noticed, it felt more polished than Vella's part. Nothing to signal on the technical aspect here. Vella part : Graphical - Cloud village center : The ladder layer is ABOVE Vella when she climbs it, this is horrible. - Several paths and "walk on areas" are over what is actually drawn on the painting. (for instance, the branches of the tree, you can walk on the air) - The close ups : Obviously you can't have everything in crisp HD, but while everything was perfect for Shay, we are borderline unacceptable here (since it looks so pretty, having sudden horrible close ups due to the background not being high resolution enough kind of hurts immersion). It is more subtle on nature elements, but anything that has writings or thin details definitely need to be revamped a tiny bit. Technical - Cloud village, hovering items over hotspots causes a severe slowdown of the game. This village is the only instance it happens, I have a power GPU and CPU, this is not an issue coming from me. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience.
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