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  1. Lot and lot of good stuff! Way more than the one that appeared in the actual time of the AMA!
  2. How many matches to complete the mini-game? I'm replying Psychonauts and I'm currently at the third or fourth match (if I remember correctly it's 30 seconds 40 points)
  3. I wish the DF guys will manage to make the official Psychonauts uniforms not to look like pajamas! Or, if this is the case, that Raz will not wear one of those uniforms in this sequel. The outfit of the 1st game was super cool. I'm glad we'll be able to use it
  4. What's the Geoff challenge? Also, I would say that the dark area there is either somewhere inside Razputin's mind or inside Edgar's mind. Am I right?
  5. Thank you, Spaff! We love you DF! <3
  6. Nu. My beloved thread is just a carbon copy =( http://i.imgur.com/tAQ0zSLl.jpg
  7. Let's start!!! http://i.imgur.com/tAQ0zSLl.jpg
  8. I hope that even if he's busy whit Thimbleweed Park, Ron will at least ideally honour the tradition.
  9. Nah. According to me it's not Notch. It could be though the holy man who is behind Dracogen. Steven Dengler, if I remember correctly. He is an awesome human being. Or Gabe, maybe? Valve and DF collaborate from time to time.
  10. Well, they said it all. I'm sure you were all waiting for a thread where to put the pics of one of your shoes (or two, if you feel brave enough) on your head at the reaching of the 3.3 millions. You'll have to do it. It's canon.
  11. You just had to collect enough arrow heads to purchase the a "arrowhead sensor". It was easy task from there.
  12. Speaking of wishes, I'd like to have a new and revamped treasure hunt. Bigger and better! And I'd also like to see Agent Crueller's youth (since we've already had tidbits of the stories of all the other Psychonauts). It is a somewhat vague term. It typically refers to two types of relationship (though if you have one, you usually have the other) 1) Anything that has "another half" that it joins with to make some kind of whole has a counterpart. So in a crimefighting duo, the sidekick could be said to be a counterpart. Spouses are counterparts. The heads and tails side of a coin are counterparts, etc. 2) Anything that has something separate and discrete from itself that works in cooperation or toward the same end. The crimefighting duo analogy kinda works here as well, since Batman and Robin are technically two different people, and yet they are both doing the same sort of thing with the same sort of goal. You could also say that [ham and cheese] are counterparts in the context of a sandwich. So.. two parts of some kind of broader unit. But the two parts or two halves don't have to be strictly identical. That's my native speaker sense of it. So in this case my suspicion is that it refers to "other NPCs that play a similar role to Sasha/Milla", but who may or may not be major characters. But psychonauts 1 didn't really have any inconsequential characters in the hub, so I'm sure they will have at least some character. I guessed right then. In my native language the word has a slightly different meaning. Citing from the dictionary, it means: "in every process, it is the antagonist part" If you look at the second piece of concept art on the Fig site (showing the HQ from the outside), there is an arrow in the lower left corner pointing to "Camp", so I think the game will probably feature some known areas but probably not all. I hope at least some of the other campers are back, but I am pretty sure, we will not see all of them. Good news then Hope to see my fav character again (Dogen)
  13. The way I imagined it is that there are theese 2 Psychonauts Agents that are the "rivals" of the team Nine/Vodello. I admit I could have gone a little bit too far with imagination though. Further more since english is not my native language I'm not entirely sure of the exact meaning of the word 'Counterpart'.
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