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  1. Just for fun, I listed (from memory, so there may be some missing spots) all the screens that we have in game. It can provide a look on how much content was created for the game. In each screen you have a background (often multiple layers), foreground objects and characters. Almost every one has some kind of special effects (fog, dirt, lights, animations), background sounds and music. All of them have tons of dialogue written and recorded. In other words - the 3 years of work on this game is easily justifiable. Here is the list: Sugar Bunting: Beginning plains Beastender house Beach/Maiden's Feast Cloud Colony: Main Hub Maiden's Feast Nests Nests close-up/hatchery Big ol' Tree Under the Tree F'ther's post (3 versions) Meeting with Brother Lightbeard's Forest: Curtis house Outside Curtis house Talking Tree Shellmound: Main area Beach/Maiden's Feast Pyramid entrance Inside the Pyramid Alex's ship: Ship's bottom intersection Power room 1 Power room 2 Music room Volta (Shay's) family ship (most of the rooms here have 2/3 versions): Bedroom Marek's control room Marek's hideout/cargo room Trophy/junk room Kitchen Mom's control room Shay's control room zoomed-in Shay's control room overall view Nav room Ice cream avalanche Trainwreck station Trainwreck tracks before the bridge Trainwreck tracks after the bridge Trainwreck track ending Hug attack room Ship exterior (with alien/present) Ship exterior/space Boom arm's control panel Radiation check before omnicron Omnicron room Nexus (teleporter room) Hallway with entrance to the kitchen Hallway with entrance to ice cream avalanche Hallway with entrance to trainwreck and trach chute Hallway leading to ship exterior Vella's first hallway on the ship Pipe and platform puzzle room Hanging in space Cutscenes: Maiden's feast beginning In the clouds after 1st Maiden's Feast In the clouds in Cloud Colony Heading toward's Plague Dam Plague Dam entrance (and version with bridge) Inside the Plague Dam Inside the Plague Dam 2 Ship parked in enemy territory Total unique screens: 58 (plus their variations)
  2. For this puzzle, real pen and paper are your friend! Make a diagram, it will make things so much easier.
  3. To help some people to get started with Vella's part... Select with mouse to reveal the text Getting into the ship 1. Why there is a hole in space in the background? 2. The tubes are disconnected. Try to find something to connect them 3. Connecting different tubes ejects different panels 4. To get further, you must re-connect air supply tubes with a longer hose 5. To get a longer hose without injuring yourself you have to make yourself a soft landing spot 6. You cannot move in space by yourself. You need something to pull yourself 7. Since everything is rotating, the timing is critical when making actions 8. Remember how Shay's boots worked on metal floors? Use this knowledge! Meeting with MOM 1. The doors are locked. Find someone who can unlock them for you 2. MOM will ask you three questions: Favorite toy name, your nickname, first space shoes 3. You can find a picture of yourself and your favorite toy in the museum/junk room 4. If Shay can find something that resembles this toy on his side, maybe he'll tell you his name 5. How did Shay react when his mother gave him nicknames? 6. To get information about the shoes, look through *everything* in the junk room. Get a pen an paper and make a diagram with all possibilities 7. Some objects will tell you which patterns and colors were already used up, and you can eliminate them easily 8. To get the proper size, you need to combine three clues: tooth jar, medical report and a picture of Shay with his toy 9. If you're really helpless, the answer is: Purple, Size 4, Polka-dot Anybody wants to do next ones? PS. I *really* like this game.
  4. I was stuck just a little bit later, when you float without gravity and try to get to the hatch. I tried every object on everything and then just switched to Shay because I thought that I need to do something on his side. Only after getting a hint somewhere I figured that the timing is critical when using one object on another in that puzzle.
  5. If you can't figure it out - remember, that you can do something in the "virtual" world, and then examine the kitchen in person.
  6. Just finished my third play-through. First one was to enjoy the game. Second to get familiar with all the puzzles, so I could get "Let's get this good time over with" achievement (finish game under an hour) on my 3rd play-through. I got 59 minutes . Now I'll maybe try to hunt for all these places to lose Cpt. Spoon and use Grabbin' Gary.
  7. Things I've noticed (I'm on Mac, OS X Mavericks, 1440x900 resolution 2012 Macbook Air): - after changing resolution and then changing it back to 1440x900 I have a black bar at the top. Changing Letterboxing setting back and forth fixes it. - in some places, when I click the inventory icon in the lower right the character actually goes that way and in some cases goes to another room, so I can't use the items. I know I can open the inventory with keyboard, but I only learned about that later - I'm not sure if that's a bug or not, but I noticed some strange "smearing" in certain faster character animations, especially in the Shay's intro scene.
  8. Boom Arm controls are outside the ship, and you already went there at least once .
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