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  1. Hey everybody, Broken Age's review just got posted to Polygon, and its extremely positive (with a 9 out of 10). Congratulations to the entire team for making this beautiful game, and thank you for letting us be a part of it. Review Here Cheers! -Jeremy
  2. I'm liking it, Chris. Just ordered some Stacking dolls and it was really painless. Kinda wish other store sites worked this nicely. I did get a little confused since the store didn't have my form login/password combo, but that wasn't a problem...just built a new one. Nice work!
  3. Just finished reading through Tim's comments about the layoff trends around the industry over in GamesIndustry.biz. Sir, I've got to thank you for your position and being so loyal to your team. Its the main reason that I keep Double Fine on the short list of places that I would like to work (and these days, that list is awfully short). To the rest of the D.F. team, I'm glad to see that you've been able to pull together, even through the tough times. Can't wait to see whats coming next. (Tiny edit. Grammar fix.)
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