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  1. I started a weight management project of my own in mid December. While it's not as interesting as juice I thought I might be able to help some people. When I started I weighed 89kg (196lbs), I'm 170cm (5'5") tall. But first, a little history. About five years ago I embarked on a similar program, I got down to 73kg (161lbs) but I wasn't able to sustain it. I had just moved out of a rental house and I was building my own house so my routine got messed up and there was a lot of stress involved. I also made the first mistake that I will point out. I focused too much on weight, getting down to 73kg was a pretty big achievement but I got disheartened when things started to slow down. I was approaching a healthy weight and didn't realize it, what I should have done is switched to waist, chest and leg measurements and not worried so much about weight. I'm hoping I don't repeat the mistake. So how are things going right now? Well let's see: I'm down to 83.4kg (185lbs) First of all, you shouldn't weigh yourself every day, but I'm a statistics nerd and I like collecting data. So I'm prepared for the fact that if you do weigh yourself every day you're going to see your weight go up and down. This can be discouraging at times, you might just want to do it once a week. Secondly, check out the weight over Christmas/New Year, it's an interesting spike. I managed to hold my ground until all the BBQs (Here in Australia) were over. If you don't eat out or go to restaurants often then there's no reason to worry about the menu, anything you eat will just be a speed bump if you keep up your regular program. So what am I doing this time? I'm sorry to say it comes down to a balanced diet and exercise. I haven't found a secret that works. But you might be surprised at how little you can get away with. There are two exercise programs I've found that are good for us video gamers who need to be eased into it. The first is the Couch to 5K running program (http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml). I chose this because all I really needed was a pair of shoes and some old clothes. It works like this: You start running in short intervals, sixty seconds to begin with, alternating with a long walk. As the program progresses the walks get shorter and the runs get longer until you're running for five kilometres. If you live in an area where you can run on the sidewalk or a track then you've already got everything you need. The second is the Starting Strength barbell program (http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ:The_Program). This is a little more complicated than the Couch to 5k but it gets the same results. It's a group of core exercises done with a barbell. Like Couch to 5k, you get a little better each week. You have to buy weights or join a gym for this one, you might even want to pair up with a friend or ask a trainer to assist you. There is the chance of injury with both of these programs, take it easy, stretch before and after, exercise with a friend if you can and if you are injured remember to RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). I do my exercise every second day with a day of rest in between, you don't need to exercise every day. The first day it will hurt, you'll get muscles soreness and you may want to take two days rest for it to pass. So what about food? Unfortunately food is place where you can make the most difference, but it's also the hardest. In my case I specifically chose the period over Christmas because I'd be away from work. We have a soda and candy machine at work and we're surrounded by coffee shops. Over the two weeks holiday I was able to get a head start in breaking my sugar/coffee addiction because I had removed myself from easy sources of them. I still have a coffee if I'm out with friends, but I'm not going to get one every day any more. You can make a lot of progress just cutting out sugar soda and regular coffee but sooner or later your're going to have to address your main meals. A big part of this is learning to read food labels. Steer clear of a lot of salt, sugar or fat. You may see things advertised as "low fat" that usually means they're loaded with sugar. My breakfast was already pretty healthy, I have a bowl of muesli with skim milk. I buy muesli with dried fruit. People say you shouldn't, but you can't just eat tasteless food all the time you're go crazy. Sometimes I'll buy a few bananas and put the whole lot in a blender and drink it as a smoothie. For lunch I was bringing my own in for a while but I found it just as easy to get a salad sandwich from a place near work, it also helped smooth over relations with the coffee shops I'd stopped frequenting. Steer clear of mayo, salt or any extras, pile on your favourite vegetables (carrots, capsicum, lettuce, cucumber, etc). On the weekends I make scrambled eggs on whole grain bread. No salt, but a little bit of pepper and chopped tomato. Dinner was hard because I'm not a very good cook. This strategy might not work for everyone as it can get expensive, but here it is. I'd buy a pre-packaged healthy frozen meal (Check the label!), plus everything I needed to cook a proper healthy meal. If I messed up the cooking I'd eat the frozen meal. You can keep the frozen meal around as an insurance policy for a while. As you learn how to cook it gets easier and you won't need the frozen meal. I'm eating a lot of lean skinless chicken, I looked through the sauces and marinades at the store and bought one that had the least amount of salt, sugar and fat, just to keep things interesting. I'd also pile on the brocolli, carrots, green beans and cauliflower. Swap out for a lean cut of steak once in a while. Also, buy smaller bowls and plates, you'll eat less. So what happens when you fail. Well the first thing is you probably haven't failed yet. Failure isn't when you go up in weight when you expected to go down, you don't fail when you eat a chocolate bar or miss an exercise session. You fail when you don't go back and try again. As long as you haven't given up and you're back on your program within the next few days then you didn't fail, you've just taken a slight detour. If everything goes well you should lose a maximum of 4kg (8lbs) over the course of a month. Anything faster might not be healthy. Remember, the changes you're trying to make here are long term, try to make them ones you can sustain. You might end up doing this for the rest of your life. I've really just scratched the surface so some places you can get more information: Fitness Subreddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/fitness Something Awful Fitness Forums (Weird I know but these guys and gals really helped me) - http://forums.somethingawful.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=179 Well this is getting pretty long so best of luck everyone, be safe and I wish you all the success in the world. Lastly, if you think you might be at risk of injury or you need specialist advice, go and see your doctor before changing your diet or embarking on an exercise program.
  2. I tried this today and gave it about an hour of gameplay before I stopped playing. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was constantly on the back foot in regards to morale in my heroes and happiness in a given area of the map. I also felt a little frustrated that I was so limited in regards to the amount of superium I would get. I know this is your method of monetizing the game but the fact that I was being artificially held back was a little too obvious and didn't drive me toward paying for superium, it just made me not want to play the game. I know this must be a difficult balancing act. I loved everything else, the graphics, the characterization, animation and the concept were all spot on. This post was difficult for me to write as I don't want to be "that guy" who trashes a game, but in the end I felt that you deserved honest feedback, no hard feelings?
  3. It's all coming full circle. Brazen is a game created during the Amnesia fortnight, the Brazen Bull is a torture device that appears in the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
  4. Double Fine must have access to a time machine, or Brad is some kind of eldritch creature that doesn't age.
  5. With the extra keys we got I was able to drag a bunch of people into a multi-player game and we took down the Gorgoth. I wouldn't say it was easy but I wouldn't say it was hard either. Near the second stage when he started charging around we were taking some big hits. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I could probably convince them to pick up the full game. Most of the people in the group I play with are into character advancement and would like equipment or trophies. One of my friends who loves "winning" would love to see a stats screen after the fight broken down by each player. I like the idea of a hub-world, you could take inspiration from different sources for each "world" you traveled to. From the more serious Harryhausen stuff to weirdness of Luigi Cozzi's Hercules ( )I'd like to echo what I've heard others request, which was to get rid of the health bar for the monsters. Perhaps replace it with physical damage to the mesh/textures of the monsters. In regards to the fights themselves, environment damage and traps would be nice. Say, have one player lure the monster over a pit and have two other players chopping at supports ready to drop the monster onto a lower level. But there's always the chance you could damage another player by accident. Branching fights would cool as well. For example: If you cut off one of the Gorgoth's head early he takes a lot of damage at once, but the neck stump sprays blood around for the rest of the fight which is poisonous. Nice work!
  6. I've been lurking and decided that it was time to chime in. The posts about free writing are awesome and very timely for me. I told Tim Schafer about this at Game Masters in Melbourne but I was probably a bit nervous and didn't get the story out quite right. Still I look at my signed copy of the event programme whenever I'm feeling a bit stuck. Thanks Tim! I had completed a first draft of a novel for NaNoWriMo in 2011 and decided that it was time to revise it after letting it sit. One thing that became apparent was that the heroes had it too easy and it was boring, so I decided to kill off a supporting character to drive conflict between the two main characters. The problem was that the character I was killing became important later on in the story and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't come up with a replacement. After watching Tim's free writing video I tried it a few times and with a few tweaks I had a character walk off the page almost fully formed. The main changes I made to Tim's method is that I type it rather than handwrite, my hand gets tired before I run out of time. I go back as I'm writing and bold passages that leap out as something I can use. It comes out as a stream of consciousness conversation with myself.
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