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  1. I gasped so hard when Pete McConnell's name came up. Glad to see he's on the project, I love his music! And wow, that last part was really intense.
  2. Everyone is saying O and I'll admit, O is pretty awesome. I also like G. She seems like an awesome character already!
  3. Just finished Psychonauts (loved it by the way), and right as the end credits are done rolling, the game exits itself. I'm back on the desktop. Now I don't mind it that much, since it was the end after all, but I wanted to make sure: is that supposed to happen? I'm on the Steam PC version if that information is necessary.
  4. How about small? Like "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" small? In a house or the backyard? At normal size, maybe kazoo world or in an underground civilization.
  5. Wow. This was an amazing insight into you're writing. You know what? I'm actually inspired. I want to try this now.
  6. Ever since I finished Machinarium, I've been in love with this company so much. I will for sure pre-order Botanicula if it hits Steam beforehand.
  7. I think my first adventure game was Lego Island (if you consider that an adventure game). Otherwise, my first point-and-click adventure game was Blue's Clues birthday thingy. I forgot the actual title. But yeah, I loved finding all the secrets by clicking on everything. I guess that's how I came to love adventure games.
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