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  1. As someone who voices his opinion about it on the KS (that it is imo a major letdown that Act 1 will be Steam-only), I wanted to drop in here: 1) Steam is DRM (and I will not argue with that) 2) While it is true that the Beta is advertised as Steam-only, the update in question seems to say that it is more or less a final version (and in all cases that there will be a release version that will be available for everyone before Act 2 releases) => That means that while the Game itself might be released DRM-free, the initial more-or-less standalone release of Act 1 will not. And that sucks, because it excludes me from further updates until everything is finished. [Just to imagine: What would be the reaction if they had announced that Act 1 would be Linux-only and the Windows/Mac versions would show up with the complete game only? Technically it would be exactly as true to the provided promises as the situation at hand, but I think nearly everyone would agree that this would be something that would cause major problems.] So why treating DRM-free as "not so important"? I'm not saying that the Beta needs to be DRM-free, but there should be a DRM-free version available the moment the Game goes to sale. One reason I support games on Kickstarter is to support the platforms I care about (DRM-free & Linux), so I would like to see a DRM-free version available to the public. Which is also not true for Act 1. While it is certainly not as worse at the things that happened on Shadowrun Returns, it is in my eyes a decision that doesn't really care about the spirit of the DRM-free promise, but only to the letters. I really hope that you will fix this situation (as HBS managed to do with Shadowrun Returns)
  2. I'm not sure if I will back this one. The game idea sounds kinda neat, but I'm not sure if it is the right game for me. But the biggest reason would be simple the price. I would really like a download of the documentary, but $50 seems too much (and compared to that the streaming is announced for free - which makes the deal even worse, because I could just pay nothing to see the content I'm most interested in, as I don't know if I will like game). I think for the same deal as with the DFA-Kickstarter I would have backed already (and the backer-only-relic-thing doesn't make it better in my opinion, I don't like backer-exclusive game-content), so I'm still pondering whether to back, but I can't really see myself shelling out $50 for it.
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