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  1. Princess Chambers Secret

    The files are indeed encrypted and you need to go through the game to get them decrypted. Only afterwards can you use these shortcuts to go back to the room, after you already visited it before.
  2. HiddenJournal.txt

    ן agree, it is very tedious. But that’s where MrKenny’s tip comes in handy. Get rid of all the enemies, then the only puzzle you have to go through each time is only the scribe puzzle. All the rooms will just be empty.
  3. HiddenJournal.txt

    I think it is really worth trying to solve this part, it gives the game an extra layer of enjoyment. It is possible to solve completely in-game, and no need to go through the lua files (although of course this could be interesting in its own right and may save you some trial and error). I collected below what I believe to be the most helpful hints which were spread throughout this thread on how to solve it. Good luck! And, if you're blind as a bat as I am, also: Another small helpful tip is MrKenny's post on how to get rid of all the enemies. This is just o balance out the frustration of the many crashes along the way.
  4. Amnesia Fortnight Survey

    I agree. Also the link to the survey itself on the Humble Bundle page is very inconspicuous, so you won't even notice it if you're not going there specifically looking for it.
  5. I disagree with that statement on so many levels.
  6. HiddenJournal.txt

    Thank you! I don't know how I totally missed that. In hind sight it should have bugged me more that I didn't do anything meaningful in the glyph room. Phew, now I can rest
  7. HiddenJournal.txt

    Nope, still seems garbled. Perhaps it isn't the right key after all.
  8. HiddenJournal.txt

    OK, I need a little help. I found the journal in-game, but when I go and try to decrypt it, with some choices it crashes, with one choice it told me "The decryption ritual is now complete", but nothing happened. Is this good? bad? did it work? I don't know if to keep trying other stuff or if I'm missing something obvious. Thanks!
  9. Feedback thread

    Hi Brandon and team, I just wanted to throw my 2 cents into the fire. First of all I wanted to say is that I think the concept is great and I'd love to see this as a full length game. Now for a bit of feedback, this will be my jumbled thoughts which concern the prototype itself, and possibility for growth to an entire game. Probably some of the stuff here is a repeat of other peoples comments, but I'd like to mention it anyway, if only to reinforce the main points. 1. Yes, this is a niche game, I may be biased, because I consider myself part of that niche, but going forward it may be worth considering how to try and include a broader audience 2. One option is maybe to have scalable levels of difficulty/ambiguity concerning the actions, letting the more "hard-core" hackers wrack there brains but giving a bit more "tutorialed" approach to others 3. The prototype was buggy. I understand that it's a two week job (and a fantastic one at that), but I'm just mentioning this because it tremendously affected my ability to enjoy playing and replaying the game. The crashing bugs, compounded by the fact that they restored to check points (if not crashed altogether) and the inability to save to file became a very frustrating experience. 4. Personally I could have used a bit more guidance, still at his point I'm not entirely sure what are "the game rules", do I need to (or should or can) hack and fiddle with the external game files? I know others were playing with it, but I felt a bit lost regarding the scope. As I said, I'm all for having various levels of hacking depth, but I would like it to be more clearly explained. This along with the crashing bugs, made me give up on the entire part of deciphering codes, at the end, which I'm still uncertain what the exact mechanics are, since I'm not sure where is the line between bug and hint 5. I loved playing around with the various properties, I just think it's important to make sure in the game you don't become "Neo" in two seconds flat 6. The second fireball puzzle was fantastic! I think that's a great balance between seemingly great power, but you still have to think and plan on what to do to get it right (not just going and killing off every guard) 7. I think it's a nice idea having the cord bend angles, but please find a different mechanic, mirrors deflecting usb cable, really? 8. An idea, perhaps have different "weapons" which give you different level of access (permissions) to the object's methods and properties 9. Did the rolling action have any purpose in the game? 10. Perhaps have more powerful weapons (or "viruses") which cause specific behavior or action, but limit their power by requiring for example that they must stay attached to the victim for them to take effect (so you can only use them one at a time) Overall, as I said, I think it's a great concept, and I would like to see it further developed. I do see this a s being a hard "sell" to a publisher, and this is where I think difficulty layering can help, where at the most shallowest it is a puzzle/riddle game, and you can go deeper and deeper depending on how inclined you are to hack at different levels. Kudos to the entire team for creating this fun experience in just two weeks (it sure is a lot more than I accomplished in the last two weeks).