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  1. Hi. Good to hear you are working on balancing gameplay now. I am not early access type of person, so I am waiting for the release day but I would like to say I appreciate an effort to make it less hardcore. I am intrigued by the concept but I don't like playing games where each turn my time investment can go to hell. Especially if 5 slashes can cut a character's life by half. It's interesting to play it for an hour but I never play these games longer than that because it just starts feeling like rogue-like game where luck is more important than strategy. +1 for Easy/Relaxed mode Good luck with development/testing . EDIT: I forgot to mention that the game looks nice from what I have seen (I am trying to know as little as possible, so the game can suprise me with something new every turn).
  2. Yes, they do. At least Resonance, Blackwell series and remastered The Shivah (I have played them).
  3. Awesome, thanks for the link! The Tim Schafer part starts at circa 1:06:00.
  4. I realized the connection when the wolf repeated "we need to save these innocent people" with a strong emphasis like for a tenth time . But honestly, at first I suspected that we are searching for some evil creatures ready to conquer another world and it took me a time to realize that the 4th angry fluffy thingie on the hunting screen was Vella instead of an older incident. Nicely done. I wonder what Double Fine has up their sleeve for the second act.
  5. I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot. Music fit situations and was pleasant to listen to. Except the Mog Chothra song rehearsed by maidens . Interesting information, Salvius23. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Yeah, GMG depends on country too. I am living in the UK now and can see the service is expended for British users while Steam prices are in pounds. I have been avoiding EA section because you need to click first on the offer to discover how "amazingly deep" discount of the game absurdly priced in Euros is. In Czech Rep, they still let us purchase it in dollars, a combination with coupons makes it the best offer I can get for any Steam key (plus Steam doesn't receive a cent). EDIT: HumbleBundle store sells game at same price worldwide too.
  7. I voted for "Slightly Difficult - made me think (just right)". I got stuck twice, both because I overlooked a area and an item. I wouldn't mind more complex puzzles in Act I however I do appreciate that Act I didn't have any Click-everything-on-everything or illogical puzzles.
  8. I voted "Absolutely yes!". The truth is that I didn't expect much with that kind of budget. I was very surprised by Act I. It looked beautiful, VAs are fantastic, humour is just right, a story is enjoyable, no absurd puzzles. I had the warm fuzzy feeling I always have when playing Double Fine games. I also appreciate that I can play as a bad-ass girl. I can't wait for Act II.
  9. I don't consider depression/suicide thoughts and a fear of death to be themes for kids. I was an avid adventure player but I stopped playing them because they ended up trying to cater to "hardcore audience" too much. As a result, games lost their sense of wonder and offered illogical/try-everything puzzles. It just wasn't worth it to sit hours in the front of PC trying to solve another generic puzzle. They weren't fun anymore. There are better ways how to spend time after a day at work. I think Broken Age can offer something for everyone. Kids enjoy colorfulness, adults cynic nods at reality.
  10. It's always been like this on Steam. People who wish to pay same as their American buddy can wait for GOG delivery or use services like GreenManGaming - that uses $ - if available.
  11. I respect Daedalic for how much they have achieved as an European indie studio but Deponia is only interesting for their animations. Episodes aren't funny, haven't good English VA and puzzles are cringe worthy, often serving as fluff for prolonging gameplay. I take 8 hours of Double Fine's work over full season of the Daedalic series any time. (It is my opinion, not an attack of your post.) EDIT: I don't think it is entirely fair to compare German company with US in terms of budget. Cost of living differs. And I have heard bits here and there that Daedalic likes to costs down by using unpaid interns a lot. If it is a truth, I don't think that competing with a company that wants to pay as low as possible for a work is a good suggestion.
  12. Oh boy, when I think who I would like to see more in Act 2 I keep adding characters in my mind . So many of them felt right. Aside from protagonists: Mom and bots - Whenever they appear I want to hug something. The cult leader's daugher with besom next to the hatchery - I adore her snarky comments. Dad - At least let him creeping behind windows as he did in Act 1. Spoon and knife - As someone on Steam said, these characters have more personality than a majority of characters in AAA games. Lumberjack - His finishing lines are unexpected and I would like to hear more of it. Anyone is fine with me, just please singing maidens no more. Their song was killing my ears.
  13. It was obviously developed with tablet users in mind however it is sleek and easy to use. I am satisfied.
  14. I started with Vella, later on got stuck because of overlooked area, so I switched to Shay for a moment.
  15. I am about to start playing and my excitement is surpassed only by my sheer surprise it has been that long since I pledged a couple of dollars! Thank you, Tim & Double Fine, for introducing me to Kickstarter and be a part of this incredible journey. Your documentary showed me human side of game development and made me to be more considerable of work hidden behind the final product. You really grew on me and I keep my fingers crossed you will do what makes you happy (and us as a side effect too, hopefully ). I can't wait to get HD copy :3.
  16. I wouldn't call a general leading expedition to occupy areas of other countries a good guy. As for his later acting, I was always under the impression that he was first and foremost very effective leader and strategist with the aversion towards incapable people and Hitler's latest years of reign weren't exactly a showcase of good decisions. However I don't feel like this is right place to discuss such matters.
  17. I agree. I live in Czech Republic, a direct neighbour of Germany, I know who Rommel was and did and the name doesn't make me twitch. I guess it can make someone in Africa uncomfortable at most.
  18. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you actually fulfilled my Kickstarter wish. *does happy dancing* Jennifer Hale is freakin' fabulous. Actually, the whole cast sound like a perfect pick .
  19. Haha, priceless. Thanks for fun read, I should have read Programming updates sooner.
  20. I wouldn't care if everyone spoke Engrish as long as it's at least understandable. Personal taste? Maybe. American studios - not only from game industry - cast British actors into everything now. The last time I watched or played something it had even a character from Ancient Egypt dubbed by someone with strong British accent. I would say I am fed up by its abundance and I assume I would say the same if British accent was replaced by German or Swedish accent at this high ratio. All I am asking (not demanding; that's a big difference) is to consider what kind of person the character is and if British VA is really necessary for 80% of cast.
  21. Thanks for the latest episode! Reading the discussion about voices, I am fine with whatever decision Double Fine will make. It would make a sense if the female protagonist was dubbed by someone non-white. Just one thing, please avoid using voice actors with British accents as much as you can. It's absurd to hear them in almost everything nowadays despite none of these games have been made in the UK nor settings or characters are British.
  22. Okay, I feel super silly now I had clicked on the map icon in the left top corner and then on Complete fight. My problem seems to be that I have to click twice on the Complete event to activate the evaluation screen. Solved. I didn't realize it requires me to click on these items. I had to click on the last one by mistake and thus expecting the rest of them completing automatically. Thanks for the help, Vic!
  23. I have Android 4.2.1 on Asus Transformer TF300T and everything runs great except when I use "Delegate". Heroes go fighting and when the fight is complete, they don't return to the base. I have to start the app again for them to appear. I am also unsure if TO-DO updates correctly. It marked Delegate 3 events but Workout heroes 3 times and Collect 100 coins from neighborhoods despite expanding to 4 neighborhoods and collecting 120 coins and my heroes working out dozens times already.
  24. I found out about Android port thanks to Tegra news and wow, that's one hella addictive game. It has Double Fine written all over itself. I can't wait for Broken Age :3. By the way, you are the first Android game I chose to use microtransaction. Not that I needed the item (the plant if you're interested) but because you deserved it.
  25. Awesome ideas all around. I really like Brad's solutions. I will try to think of improvement while happily lurking on forums .
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