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    It's indeed great that's DF-9 is under developement. I voted for it last year ...
  2. And that Dune from-84 is on a list that's supposed to list good SF films is funny. That director should have been xxxx for violating such a good book as Dune. The Dune mini series from 2000, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0142032/?ref_=sr_3 , is 10 times better ... in my opinio atleast ...
  3. It does seem strange that neither Babylon 5 or even Firefly is included on that list, though, Serenity is included. Stargate (the movie) is included, but not Stargate SG-1 or Stargate: Atlantis ... Dark Angel (TV series with Jessica Alba) isn't included ....
  4. Err, you did mean Star Citizen, I assume ...Anyway, 2 interesting projects are: Race To Mars. Colonisation: Moonbase, An indie game for PC.
  5. I buy a game when I want it, I'm not that cheap that I wait until it's on a sale ... rhough, ofcouse, If I happen to see a game on sale that looks interesting I might buy it.
  6. Personally, I also liked I am nymber four (2011) and also Push (2009) aswell as Iron sky (2012)
  7. Games at that prices rarely (kinda never) go cheaper. And at that price, it doesn't even really matter even if it would. Some people are such cheapskates ...
  8. jane just said that doing procedural is probably actually MORE economical. sounds like we could save in on the ending or even the second half of the game as well Yeah, if it's cheaper then i'm all for it, though, if it's really cheaper then one would think that it would be more common ...(though, there have been a lot games featuring procedually created content on kickstarter (that I've backed), so Jane may actually have a good point there ...)
  9. Most people only play through a game once, actually, most people never finishes a game even once, so to build the game with procedurally generated levels with such a small budget seems a bad ide. The money could be spent on other things that improve game play for all gamers, not a hand full that may play the game multiple times
  10. that's correct. Anyone who got in before the update still gets a boxed copy for 100, but they've actually closed the old tier to new backers, so from now on international shipping cost is required. But I'm considering switching tiers anyway, because it's better for DF Actually, you don't need to switch tier, just hit "Manage your pledge" button and add $15 to your pledge ...as I did If you switch tier you open up a slot for a new backer, and he may not add the $15 for shippin ( if he's an international backer)
  11. A space sim game is kickstarted: Dominion - Fight for your future amongst the stars!
  12. A new turn-based Jagged Alliance game is kickstarted: Jagged Alliance: Flashback
  13. Civitas - Plan, develop, and manage the city of your dreams!
  14. Project Awakened mentioned above is looking interesting, it's an Unreal engine 4 based super hero game ...it's too bad really that it's not doing as well, so far ... Another interesting game is There Came An Echo
  15. I liked this game, it shows some really good potential for a stellar game , if it just had 3d graphics, similar to the one in Startopia. I do hope this game gets made, either by a publisher or kickstarted
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