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  1. Shay is feeling this since the "creature rescue" screens show creatures that look a bit like exaggerated cartoon versions of the costumes that the maiden have on... Both of them have comments about re-wiring the robots since the characters do not directly get the info they need to do the work.
  2. I am not suggesting that the bot wiring should have been automatic, instead a reference of the target patters would have been nice to pull up... Like the first picture... as a player you would still need to figure out which bot wiring to do based off of the target pattern and figure out which pattern to use. The bots had what 4 functioning states? Repair, hand waving/harp playing, flashlight waving/drumming and dancing. The mechanic is the wiring, to achieve the state. Much like the age puzzle I would have liked a sheet in game to track this... Ultimately I did this with pen and paper.. I am asking for virtual pen and paper, not autocomplete.
  3. PC ornot, I just think the player should have been able to use that sheet to take notes in game... Still forced to solve the puzzle and fill it in them self, not have the character do it. Same goes for the bot puzzles, it would have been nice ONCE the player / character learned a wiring sequence to have a little cheat sheet appear that let them commit it to memory for reference.. I see it as more of a missed opportunity than an issue. I really enjoyed playing through the game and the added complexity / layers for act 2... I just think a few tweaks to queues would have avoided some dead ends for me, I like it better when puzzles build on past skills as you go along and the solution requires the player to use the GAME/STORY logic to solve the puzzle... If items are too disconnected I find them frustrating.
  4. Act Two did not play as smoothly for me... I enjoyed harder puzzles but as others have noted some did not seem to have enough queues or I missed them. Act 2 snake is counter intuitive, and REALLY long.. I cut it short twice when I was actually on the right track. I did not figure out who was the knot expert on my own, I admit I had help... However once that was out of the way I really liked figuring out the pictures I really liked the cross over puzzles in general.. Was anyone else really disappointing that the games cheat sheet for the boot puzzle was not in fact click-able? I thought GREAT I can keep notes..... then I had to find some paper and duplicate the grid to get through it. My least favorite puzzles where the teleport puzzles, just because of all the backtracking. I didn't find them hard, just tedious.
  5. I think they need to build in Act 2.. In Act 1 they are breaking free from there respective dead ends... Vella basically raises to be a sacrifice can't really be that interesting to start, same with Shay being locked into a ultra safe kids fantasy.. Vella at least questions her role in life. Shay is board... and WAY too trusting of Marek, again Act 2 should be very different for him.
  6. None? Found the game very easy, completed part 1 in one sitting in about 4.7hrs according to steam.. Had a little issue figuring out I could JUMP during the space walk and had to think hard where the peaches where but other than that it was a rather quick pace for me.
  7. I suspect act 2 will be much less exciting than that. To reuse assets I suspect the ship will look the same inside but with broken / warped areas that provide new paths and puzzles leading to some new areas that could be more interesting. The comments about dad/plant/outside the ship are a bit off since what we saw was not the outside of the ship but and inter fake space set.
  8. Only change I would make is in the space walk have some kind of HINT that you have to go UP since there isn't any jumping anywhere else. I tried everything with that plant and just happened to notice my cursor had an up arrow at some point.
  9. My Take - Google Analytics is already in MANY MANY applications, I would expect that a huge % of all Android and iOS app store apps have it. - It isn't really so much about marketing as tracking actions and trends... I suspect DoubleFine is able to track things like the % of players that click on random objects, the number of times an object is clicked, how much time a player spends on each screen in the game.. ETC. - this is hardly a new thing in gaming... Mass Effect had a lot of player stats released about who picks what class etc... - If you need foil, go get a really good home firewall and filter / block all outgoing traffic.. Failing to read the EULA and then bitching about which method of Analytic collection is being used is silly.
  10. I swear the Navigator has to be based on "Pilot" from Farscape.
  11. Experienced several game crashes, almost always when moving from one room/scene to another... Always was able to return to where I was using the continue auto-save. There where a few minor visual glitches as well like missing lip movement or objects clipping through others badly... but no broken puzzles or anything that slowed down progress significantly.
  12. And every time you try and use the stool or look at it Vella makes a comment about it... That joke went a bit long but was still funny.
  13. Least favorite part was figuring out I could jump during the space walk, it seemed very by chance I noticed I had an up arrow. Teleporting and tree barf are tied for best. Teleporting had good logic and tree barf was just funny.
  14. I had two puzzles trip me up but made it through in about 4.7 with lots of crashes during scene switches. The art, music and voice acting are excellent! However I am not finding the puzzles very challenging.. The two that tripped me up I generally knew what was needed but some how missed that I could travel in a specific direction or I missed a single dialog item.. Very happy with Act 1, looking forward to act 2.
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