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  1. Thank you for all your efforts, eventually there was no different date for the European release, just a lot of misinformation due to the lack of info about the consoles release on the official pages Costume Quest 2 did release in Europe on 360, Xbox One and even Wii U before Halloween, it has however still not appeared on PSN It's nothing to do with Double Fine; it's all down to SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) who for whatever reason just have to be different to SCEA. If Microsoft & even Nintendo can release the game in Europe on the same day as NA then why the hell can't Sony? It's a joke that they still do things like this. It's not just Costume Quest 2 either, they do it all the time. I went with PS4 this gen and I really miss the parity Microsoft have with the Xbox brands in the US & Europe; Sony really do need to pull their socks up and stop being so crap in Europe.
  2. Grubbins FREE THIS WEEK? (iOS)

    I have this issue too, I've just bought Costume Quest on iOS and when I try to download Grubbins on Ice I'm prompted to buy it for £0.69p (I'm in the UK). Along with posting here I've emailed support about it too