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  1. Absolutely right - it sounds po-faced, as I said before, given that it's supposed to be a quirky, artsy comedy game, not a random rpg. Agreed! Any of the others would be fine.
  2. ha, awesome. I'm going to go ahead and consider this our first little glimpse at the Double Fine/Tim Schafer creative process. Interesting how it's sort of a combination of a thought journal and an anti-procrastinatory device. This in combination with the longhand method leaves no doubt you have a writers creative process When I started Uni I did the bulk of my thinking in my head where no one could see it, but they drummed that out of me pretty quickly and now I need at least a few moments alone with a pen and a blank sheet of paper before I can shift gears into design mode. In contrast to Tim I tend to do it all shorthand though, noting down various bullet points and ideas and branching them, drawing arrows between ideas that might be able to co-exist or connect, circling the bits I like best, deciding I prefer different bits and defining them with more intense circles with added underlines, doodling diagrams in the margins... I'd post a scan of a page but everything nearby me would probably land me in hot water at work if I posted it here. One of my old leads once told me my notebooks reminded him of the John Doe journals from Se7en.. but I have much larger handwriting. Looking forward to more topics like this as the project continues Paper design is one of my favourite parts, it's all potential! EDIT: Extra note. Generally I find from an early age most people, when starting a fresh clean notebook, will write extremely neatly in the first few pages before dropping the charade and resuming the scrawl. Tim, you seem to have overcome that psychological quirk of humanity long ago
  3. Excellent research! Although Tim has no doubt had new ideas since then, this feels quite possibly true given how the goals and themes at work (an untapped but relateable fantasy setting) still line up. As a side note I hadn't seen the video before and it was an enjoyable watch I think the "Spy" genre is a pretty versatile and juicy subject matter to pull from, so I'm happy if this prediction proves true.
  4. As I also said though, I think people should be wary of loose lips simply because alot of people don't WANT to be spoiled. I think with 90,000 (is that right?) possible leaks, that the majority of people will be aware of what the game is and some key details before it releases. Some of the backers must assumedly be game journalists as well. There will no doubt be an atmosphere of leaks being "frowned upon", possibly even some cases of boycotting and exile amongst the more extreme of us, I doubt there will have to be any legal actions taking. I hope not anyway!
  5. I have to say I found alot of the replies to the main thread to range from irksome to downright disgusting and nasty. The whole mentality that because they have donated they have risen above the "masses" to some sort of elitist VIP party and now want the door padlocked with barbed wire on the fences really grinds me gears. Ah yes, the throbbing moronic horde of the "masses". We spit upon them just to remove the excess bile from our mouths at the very thought of their unwashed hands touching our cloaks. $30 sets you/us apart from "them"! I get some of us spent more, but it's just a really stereotypical example of implied (meaningless) societal heirarcy bringing out the worst in people. Sigh. Apologies, that was a rant. Sorry in particular to Infocow, for my not-nice tone. Please don't make it look like I am a paedophile.
  6. All I can tell you is that the official threads will probably be stickied. However, the problem of your voice being swept away in a flood of thousands of other ideas and opinions is an inevitability we will all have to accept. The only way to expect to rise above it is to maintain a presence here which would take alot of time and effort, and even that doesn't guarantee you any special notice given that the first issue, that of forum privacy, has already stretched to almost 20 pages. I'd say the poll result will be heard louder than any individual post. Personally, I've kind of turned this forum into a daily hobby. I used to hang around IGN alot when I was at school, so I'm used to surfing the flow and churn of a busy forum.
  7. I had to think long and hard about whether or not the comparison to Vanilla Ice and/or Andy Dick as real-world Guybrushes ruined him forever. I actually quite like the Zach Braff cast. He is appropriately lanky and laughable as a "mighty pirate". He even grows a somewhat questionable beard later in Scrubs to seem older and more mature, much like Guybrush attempted in MI2.
  8. I have seen alot of support for a female character on the forums, but it seems there is a silent majority still in preference of a male character. I hope I can say what I actually feel, that I'd selfishly prefer a male character to a female one, simple because as a male I relate easier to male characters than female ones, without building up any kind of friction or disingenuous assumptions about the kind of person I am. I can easily relate to and like female characters, however I think that generally speaking (emphasis on generalisation here) people relate better and faster to people of the same gender as them. That's just the way of it. Thus, I hope there is no lynch mob forming at me having the audacity to say this out loud. I voted male. What I don't think is that these choices should be made based purely on defying expectations. It should be a character that feels right for the game and the story being told.
  9. For this sort of game, and for comedy in general, I generally like a fish-out-of-water character with a dry or sarcastic sense of humour, like Arthur Dent in Hitch-hikers. They play a great straight-man/stooge to a comical or ridiculous setting full of slightly more unhinged or extreme personalities. I posted a little rant about this in another of these protagonist threads, but I really see the relationship between the adventure game protagonist and player as a bit different to that in other genres. In adventure games the "player character" isn't really a true extension of yourself, they have the power to take your suggestion sure, but they'll just as often politely decline or refuse your requests with a glib line, they talk directly TO you. This makes them more like an ally or hero that you are guiding and supporting; the player and adventure character aren't the same person, they are partners. Because of this, I like a bit of a comfortable third person 4th wall bending relationship with adventure characters, self-awareness and awareness of the bizarreness of their situation is very relatable. This is another reason I like the observational humour fish-out-of-water trope.
  10. Before you mentioned it, the closest working example that jumped out at me was the Mass Effect series, where you pause the action to make quick tactical decisions and micro-manage, before returning to the in-game flow. For this project.. As you have recently admitted, the system perhaps isn't as well suited to the kind of adventure game that the backers are expecting, largely as your system would be most ideal for making puzzle decisions in the midst of danger or at the least, in high-octane time sensitive situations. As Ron Gilbert partially suggested in one of the Kickstarter videos, the adventure game genre is classically quite a patient "thinking man's" genre. You explore, you listen to the dialogue and story, you muddle out the puzzles, you problem solve. I don't think I'm alone in wanting to see that relaxed pace maintained for the DFA... although I'd like to see them work in some sense of larger purpose and danger like Grim Fandango achieved. I also like that in adventure games you are exploring and searching the environment while it's still alive rather than frozen, the motion and sound creates an ambience that I think has value, much like a water feature in a garden. The idea itself Judging your system on it's own merits however, I think if you intend to create such a game I'd simply reccomend caution to avoid using these imminent death/danger puzzles as a series of stand-a-lone moments, because it would devolve them into gimmicks similar to QTEs. Having a character who uses "quick thinking" (instantaneous thinking in game world time) to consider and apply options rather than battle an enemy/situation is actually quite pleasant, much like the "forethought" moments in the recent Sherlock Holmes films, but you'll have to be very clever when coming up with case-by-case reasons that these choices must be made in an instant. You are right though, the trail and error would have it's own comical value
  11. Double Fine Adventure IS the working title. You can tell because it's the placeholder already being used on the website and forums and threads. There is even a big 'ole image with the two-headed baby on it in the games section bearing the title "Double Fine Adventure". "DFA" is even a quite pleasant abbreviation. I don't see how calling it "Operation Adventure" or "Bluebell Phoenix" or "Project Eagle-has-landed" will do anything but over-complicate the games pre-identity identity. Right?
  12. Yep, ignore us. Except for this message telling you to ignore us. Unless you are already ignoring us and thus didn't even consider this suggestion to ignore us in the first place, in which case... continue about your business, nothing to see here.
  13. I have a few friends in QA at TT games. I have applied there with a cover letter. I've heard it is awesome to work at TT, as everyone is so friendly. "It's a small world" theory confirmed! Yeah it's a great working environment, I think they've really hit the right balance of work ethic and informality, for me anyway. Best of luck with your application!
  14. I finished 4 years of Games Design courses last January (BA and Masters) and currently work as a designer for TT Games. We do the Lego stuff for handhelds. Living the dream On the off chance I know anyone here, I did my courses at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.
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